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How to Use Instagram Stories to Make Sales

How to Use Instagram Stories to Make Sales

Posted on: Oct 02, 2018 5 min read

Instagram have been making their platform better month after month by releasing different features that help businesses connect with their audiences on another level and help them make sales and grow. In this blog, we will show you how you can use the Instagram “Stories” feature to increase your potential of generating sales solely from this feature.

Show the Product in Action:

Instead of just posting a boring photo of your product, invest in a videographer and an editor that can make 2018 relevant content which will take your marketing game to a whole new level that many businesses currently fail to adapt to.

Posting and engaging, interesting, exciting and fast moving 15-second video as a story will have a much bigger emotional impact to the viewer because of audio and high-quality video which can trigger their purchase senses.

This is unlikely to happen from a single and boring image of your product.

Get Customers Involved with a Hashtag:

You may have noticed how some giant fashion corporations like Gucci, LV and many other have their own hashtag dedicated to the brand or a certain product that their customers use on Instagram in order to be discovered by other like-minded people.

Come up with a creative hashtag that represents your brand and has a meaning behind it and encourages consumers that purchase your product to use it on Instagram once they upload a photo or a story.

This method is extremely powerful because consumers are always looking out for validation from others and taking advantage of that will only benefit you and your company in the years to come.

Build a Buzz for New Products:

If your business solely lives on Instagram, it is a good idea to keep your audience on their toes about any new products that are coming out in the near feature and bring them more insight into the product itself and why then need to buy it rather than just dropping it out of nowhere.

Remember that you need to create buzz and demand for a product in order to sell as much of it as possible. You need to emotionally attach the customer with the product so when you release it, they buy it instantly.

Instagram stories are a fantastic place to start promoting products that will come out in the future.

Keep Content Personal and Casual:

Don’t forget that it’s not just about sales. You need to build a relationship with your current and new customers in order to strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

Instagram stories are a great place for this as you can share personal and casual content and give your audience an insight into the company or a product during its development which will create an emotional attachment and increase the chances of the consumer in making a buying decision.

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