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How Will Voice Assistants Change the Business World

How Will Voice Assistants Change the Business World? Here are 3 Ways

Posted on: Oct 09, 2018 6 min read

Voice technology and voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and plenty more are already taking over the space and have the potential to completely wipe out Google from the face of the internet in the future as people become more and more used to doing voice searches rather than manually typing.

This consumer behaviour is also very likely to completely change up the marketing space which will put a significant challenge ahead of brands and businesses all over the world.

As of today, there still isn’t danger to traditional marketing due to the lack of proper AI understanding of consumer behaviour, however, once the assistants become smarter and smarter and start thinking like a human and can understand your individual needs, then things will get very serious for businesses.

In this blog, we will go over how voice can potentially change the marketing space in the near future and highlight some of the most important points regarding this technology.

Voice assistants are enhancing personalisation

Voice assistants will be able to offer consumers far more personalied results from their search queries than anything that we have known of before. The vice president for eSUB suggests that voice searches will become smarter over time which will help to get more context of the customer which will result in a lot more personalisation,

Many also argue that this will completely sky-rocket the conversion rates and loyalty can reduce due to the lack of human touch with the brand, mainly due to voice being the “person” in-between the customer and the brand.

Voice will better consumer retention:

As the world of technology progresses at extreme rates, we, the people that use this technology become less and less patient. We demand everything here and now and will not settle for anything less.

You may have noticed how inpatient you have gotten with in-general things like traffic or a simple queue at a shop. Your time has become more valuable than ever and you are not willing to waste it. This is not your fault; it is the fault of the internet and the technology that we have mastered to such level that it brings us instant results 24/7, 365.

If you are a small business that is just starting out, you are likely to struggle with consumer retention as you have no data to work with and try and adapt to your customers, therefore, that can reduce your customer retention. This can happen especially if you have adverts running on your website.

Voice will eliminate the need of the customer to scroll and find exactly what they are looking for; instead, they can just request their voice assistant to find it for them. This is immensely better the consumer experience, retention and conversion rates in the future for your returning customers.

Voice assistants will change SEO.

It is expected that voice assistants are going to change the Search Engine Optimisation on a whole new level and will significantly impact the way SEO works at the moment. Currently, we use short-tail keywords to find what we need on Google and it does the job, however, with voice, we will most likely use a lot more natural phrases which are going to be much longer as we don’t need to type it out, therefore, it won’t make a difference to us, however, it will to the SEO.

Currently, 20% of all mobile queries are voice searches. These percentages are only going to rise over time, slowly killing off the traditional way we search for things online.

Let’s say that you are selling furniture online. Optimising your SEO to a short keyword like “furniture” will most likely not work when it comes to voice search as people are not going to just say furniture. Instead, they could say things like, “furniture for sale near me”, “Italian black leather sofa on discount”. You need to think like your customer in order to reach them and continue to grow through this shift of technology.

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