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Website User Experience can help in Ranking

How User Experience can help in Improving Your Website Ranking

Posted on: Apr 08, 2017

In the past SEO wasn’t a concern for a better user experience. Nowadays SEO experts are concerned about how a user can easily access and navigate a site.Google’s search query can be used for better online exposure. Google also rewards user friendly sites with better positions since users tend to stay on the site for longer and hopefully giving Google the signal that they have found what they are looking for.

Let’s go through some of the procedures that Google uses to know the experience of users.

User Engagement 

Google can track your website and check if it is providing appropriate content for the users. For this, search engines will track user movement through a site. Experts providing SEO services use Google Analytics and other such tools to “see” what Google is tracking and where potential users are coming from, to give them an idea if they are engaging via Google.

When users click on a website from the SERPs and then quickly leave and go back to the SERPs again, it lets Google know that the website has for whatever reason not been relevant for that search query. This, if it happens often enough, can push you down the SERP for that query.

How to use this Information

Your website displays information that users are looking for in easily readable formats.Make sure the content you write is associated with search terms that you are ranking for.

Page Loading Speed 

SEO can improve a website ranking in the SERPs and boost experience of the visitors as the biggest and most popular search engine, Google has been talking about mobile friendliness and page speed for years. If a website does not have a mobile friendly website or has very slow loading speeds it will be penalized when ranking.With various other ranking factors, Google does not want to provide lots of information to SEO agency experts because it does not want experts to game the latest algorithm, as they had done in the early days. They want to find out where a website ranks better without external interference.

With Google’s page speed testing tool, webmasterscan find out the loading speed of their site. Google is informing you how they evaluate your website performance, as compared to what they would like to see. They will tell you how you can fix and improve issues you might find.

This will not only make your site load faster but also make it mobile friendly. It is not difficult toput into practice page speed recommendations, even when you use content management system such as WordPress.

How to use this information

Check your own website with page speed tool to know what they think about desktop and mobile version of your website. 


This is amongst the top ranking factors in different SEO communities online.Google uses HTTPS as a ranking factor since it gives better user experience. The information sent between a user and an HTTPS website is encrypted which cannot be obtained easily by the hackers. A website that cares about privacy and security features of the users denotequality and Google’s speed checker provides better ranking in the search engine result pages.

If you have just launched a new website, using HTPPs is definitely the option.

A website that migrates to HTTPS may have backlink profile to their previous HTTP address. Such links can be 301 redirected to the HTTPS version of the website within .htaccess file. However, a 301 redirect is not the right method but this won’t be a big problem for one to two backlinks.

How to use this information

If there are any inputs on your site for the users that include –logins, transactions and passwords, it is highly recommended to use HTTPS from a security standpoint. Importantdata is sent to your site but if the website is static, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to HTTPS.


One of the ways for Google to know how much effort and time is invested into your website is by evaluating the content with the latest content marketing strategyand seeing if it is of high quality. Check all the posted articles are grammatically correct and absolutely error-free. Try to include references and link from authentic sources.

Proofread all the written content of your site and use free browser extensions to check any grammatical mistakes.

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