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Local Directories Impact

Strategies of Local Directories - Google My Business and Yelp in 2015

Posted on: Nov 28, 2014

The year 2014 has almost come to an end. It has been the year of digital marketing analytics that focused on strategic approaches which can help improve the performance of online business. Data scientist has been and it is the job of the century. Everything seems to move towards data performance and campaign data, mobile data, product data, big data that has two implications.

With data capabilities any professional in the field of online marketing can give himself an edge simply by strengthening data capabilities. It ensures success of campaigns to making un-fireable with huge asset. Brands and agencies can well manage the various campaigns successfully with technological capabilities and data analysis. Internet marketing performance has to be evaluated on various dimensions. For most of the businesses digital marketing is the greatest challenge. Businesses besides investing on their business also require investing upon local directories, reviews and maps. If one exhausts the entire budget upon website optimisation then businesses will miss out on crucial aspects. To get most out of SEO services claiming Yelp reviews and reviews of local directories is compulsory.

The Great Importance of Local Maps and Yelp

As per the Pigeon algorithm update more and more prominence must be given to Yelp and Google Maps. Yelp listings rank far above business websites. Customers have the tendency to click upon directory listings and maps as they are far better positioned. No one wishes to scroll down in order to find the website. It is crucial to watch the listing on a regular basis. Now Apple has declared the release of "Apple Maps" for 6 iOS devices. It is only because of the relationship with Apple that Yelp is attractive positive reviews. Businesses who have not claimed their Yelp listing must not wait any longer. Yelp listing ranks above the business's website

Claiming The Business Listing in Yelp

If the online business is not in the database of Yelp then it is important to add it to Yelp by simply filling up a form. Businesses can choose among the offered categories.

  • As soon as one registers to yelp, verification link is sent to the email address that needs to be confirmed.
  • Once registered, one can add photos, videos, descriptions, payment accepted.

Yelp has almost become a media darling of the local searches. Yelp and Google Maps is an effective tool for optimising local searches and magnifies the finest practices for online marketers. The local review site, Yelp, that carries more than millions of user-generated reviews from 15 different countries and active communities. Brands can boost up their traffic and revenue by almost 30% if the gaps in between SEO performance are closed through ranking at the level of the top city on several keywords.

Local Maps and Directories: An Indispensable Part of Overall SEO Strategy

While managing an online business it is mandatory to make local maps and directories, namely, Yelp and Google Maps a part of SEO strategy. With the aid of such sites, customers can get further exposed to the business through Local directories than the actual website. It assures business growth that connects the dots between strategic opportunities and technical possibilities to reshape modernised marketing. A major portion of the customers look for local business directories in order to find information. These directories carry substantial brands long with the marketing budgets to drive traffic. Local directories in a way deliver SEO services by ranking various search terms and the businesses who fail to rank their business search terms high may take recourse from local directories like Google Maps and Yelp. Local directories perform the major advantage by linking the site and mentioning the business which can in turn help the site rank well in national organic search and also in Google places results.

Yelp is the superb way of tracking the success of the ad campaign for it projects towards the fact whether one is spending the money on engaging customers and ground level marketing or not. With Google Maps business can get founded by customers across Google that in turn shoots up traffic to the website, increases sales and hence ROI. It can permit more engagement with customers as such. As business owners one can respond to the reviews of the customers, measure the activities of the visitors and finally convert visitors into customers.

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