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Importance Of Brand Simplicity In 2018

Branding & Importance of Brand Simplicity In 2018

Posted on: Aug 04, 2018 5 min read

In a world full of complexity, the biggest brands in the world like Apple (who also own Beats by Dre), Netflix and Google have taken the route of simplicity and bring tremendous value to people's lives by solving problems and making day to day activities easier and simpler.

What can you and your brand learn from these gigantic corporations worth trillions of dollars ? Our digital marketing and branding experts will break it down so you can start implementing their strategies in order to gain market share within your industry and have the competitive advantage over your biggest competitors.

Importance of Branding:

Branding is the front face of your business. The reputation, the image, everything. Branding is the reason over 90% of your consumers are your customers. Whether it is the way you pitched a sale, your product or service design, reputation or friendly customer service, it all adds up to create a brand which then influences your customers to return or not based on the emotion they feel about your organisation at that moment and time.

Have you ever thought why you go back to that same shop, or buy a particular brand shoes over others despite the price difference, or why you have Apple products over Samsung despite both doing practically the same job ?

It is the brand reputation. Their social proof is so strong, that we can easily get influenced and make buying decisions based on a strangers opinion. That is what we want for you and we will show you how you can do it too by just being simplistic and not overcomplicating things.

What is to be gained by being simplistic?

Increased brand loyalty:

Simplicity isn’t just about making your customer’s journey easier. It is more about depth rather than width. It’s about going deeper into your audience's psychological & behavioural traits. Only then, will your brand start understanding what makes your audience click and get them to talk about you all the time which creates the social proof bubble we talked about earlier.

Emotional Connection:

As extremely psychological beings which justify everything with logic, we admire simplicity and neglect conflict. Having a simple brand will not cause any conflict with the end consumer which will increase their positive opinion of your brand as there will be no confusion or complications to shine negative light onto your business, therefore if your product or service is one of a kind, your business will only continue to grow.

Drives better performance:

According to the Siegel+Gate’s simplicity index, a portfolio of the publicly traded organisations in the global Top 10 simplest brands, has beaten the average global stock index by over 200% since 2009 when they first started to conduct the study. In 2018, the top 10 most simplistic companies in the world, continue the trend.

It isn’t just about opinions. Statistics have been speaking for themselves for over 9 years.

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