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The Importance of Building Backlinks for the Year 2019 - DubSEO

The Importance of Building Backlinks for the Year 2019

Posted on: Nov 29, 2018 7 min read

Backlinks are extremely important for SEO as they represent a sign of confidence from one website to another. In simple words, backlinks to your site inform search engines that others guarantee for your website. If several sites are linked to the same webpage, then search engines consider this site to be worth linking and also surfing on search engine result pages. Experts who provide SEO services in UK have said, earning backlinks provide the desired ranking position on the biggest search engine, Google.

The importance of earning and giving backlinks

Earning backlinks is very important in case of off-site SEO. The method of getting such links is called earning links or link building . Backlinks that are obtained from high authority sites are the most desirable backlinks to be earned. Whether you follow a link or not, it should be relevant for building a link, except that there isn’t any value for no-follow link. If your website has been linked on a quality website, then this can improve online visibility of your brand.

Effective tips for link building in 2019

The rules for building links has already changed and you will have to adapt with the current ones. Finally, Google has already confirmed that links are going to be the number one factor to improve site ranking in search results.  

  • White hat link building strategies – Link building is dead for the ones who have not been able to adapt to ever-changing rules and improved requirements on tools, skills, perseverance and details. Various factors consider links to be a ranking factor. SEO mainly focus on on-page factor and quality content thus, neglecting the links. According to Google, it has been confirmed that links are an important factor for ranking. Thus, Google won’t rank your website without appropriate links. If the biggest search engine cares about links, then you too should care about it.
  • Google Penguin changed how backlinks are used in SEO – In the past, you can earn ranking by linking more from different websites and thus, rank on the first page in search engines. Links always have a risk associated with it and most people will check the source page and thus, consider it a backlink in today’s world.
  • Links are always a good connection – Professionals offering SEO services in London have said, a hyperlink is considered to be a connection from reference page to the targeted page. SEO considers PageRank and other metrics for building good quality links. Link Research SEO Toolbar or LRT takes target page and link source page into account while assessing value and risk of links.
  • State of art link development – Link building can be of great help if you have not used many resources on the links that may hurt in future. It is quite possible to stimulate the impact and the risks of backlink relation. LRT users would like to spend at least three times the resources on the 10 percent important links.
  • All backlinks are not the same – When it is about links, you will obviously go for the more without considering risk factors for backlink profiles. You should always aim for quality links then linking several links that do not have any value. Risky backlinks won’t help in Google rankings and may turn worse due to Google penalty.

Google has its own rules for link building

When starting a link building campaign, you have to be extremely careful since all links are not the same. Building links should be for the prospective customers and your online business that are associated with quality content and relevant. If the users are satisfied, Google will obviously keep your website on top in the search results for better growth of your business. Make sure the links appear natural so that Google may not consider that you are trying to manipulate its algorithm.

Bad link building versus good link building – What you need to know

Reciprocal Linking

For bad link building, too much link exchange will leave a negative impact on the site.

In case of good backlinks, if you avoid reciprocal linking in excess and those reciprocal links seem to be sensible, then link exchange is isn’t bad at all.

Guest posting or article marketing

Bad links are those links that have over-optimized anchor text in press releases or articles. These have already been distributed on other websites.

According to SEO professionals in London, a good link means where people would like to write about you and provide a backlink to your website till links have been created naturally. Navigational phrases and brand keywords are considered to be a good option.

Web directory links

A bad link will add your site to any directory for getting a backlink and this will leave a negative effect on your website. However, there are some directories that do not provide real value.

A good link has a backlink to a directory which is quite similar to your own niche. Though relevancy is said to be the key, the directories attached to niche website are certainly beneficial for you.

Blog posts and forum comments

If the comments are not useful for optimized links in a blog post, then they are actually bad links.

Active communication on the website or forum that are relevant for your business are value-added backlinks. Make sure you do not overdo it with commercial keywords.

Purchasing quality links

Buying backlinks to improve the ranking of your site has violated the guidelines of Google. This is actually considered to be unethical in terms of SEO.

Invest your valuable time in writing quality content than wasting money for purchasing links. Thus, quality content will attract backlinks to your website easily.

According to DubSEO experts, link building is a vital key to improve your site ranking in Google. If you have already stopped link building, then it’s time to be in tune with the latest Google algorithm and begin with link building techniques once again for 2019.

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