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Instagram Users Can Now Add Hashtag & Profile Links in Bios

Instagram Users Can Now Add Hashtag and Profile Links in Bios

Posted on: Mar 30, 2018

Instagram has announced its introduction of adding hashtags and profile links in the bio section. With Instagram biographies, users introduce themselves to the entire world and their followers. There is 150 characters space for doing it. Before, you could only add text and not any link in the Instagram bios however, with the latest feature, when any user mentions hashtag or another account in the bio, it shows a link that people can click on.

This indicates whenever any user uses"#" or "@" in the bio, the text turns into a live link that forms another user’s profile or a hashtag page accordingly. If you want to use this new feature, the first step is to go to Edit Profile option and then to Bio section. Now, you may tag your friends, colleagues or relatives and add a hashtag. Instagram will then convert the hashtag into a clickable hyperlink automatically. It will even suggest some trending hashtags as you may write.

Also users can also link to someone's profile without adding the entire "" part. This is quite similar to how you actually tag a person in the comment section of a post. For example, just type "@" which is then followed by the name and Instagram will be adding link to it. Now, when you will link to another person's profile, they receive a notification and they can even disable the link if they want to do so.

Some specific features of Instagram

  • Instagram will enable you to link to any profile or hashtag you may want
  • Adding # or @ in the bio lead to Instagram bio or hashtag page
  • Users can even disable links to their own accounts

With the introduction of hashtags and profile links in Instagram bio, the space has become more useful for the creators and it comes after some improvements to avail the service. Instagram has launched this feature that allows users to follow some specific hashtags other than user profiles. You may talk to our DubSEO specialists to know more on the latest updates of Instagram.

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