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Instagram vs Facebook: Which is Best for Business

Instagram vs Facebook for Business

Posted on: Sep 25, 2018 6 min read

A lot of businesses that are only just starting out with the social media presence get easily overwhelmed with the amount of information online regarding the two most powerful social media platforms, therefore, in this blog, our experts will bring Instagram and Facebook head to head and break down the platforms so that you make the right choices regarding which is better for your industry.


Facebook is the king of the internet and has been for over 6 years. It is safe to say that it has taken over the internet with the endless amount of features that make the user experience even better, every single time.

How will it benefit your business though? Let’s talk about that matter.

Facebook has over 2B active monthly users. That is over 25% of the entire world, active on a social media platform every single month. It is perfect for any industry. It doesn’t matter you sell flower pots or have a fitness training programs service.

It is a platform that Is used by all ages, predominantly millennials and older adults, however, it is quickly attracting many users from the silver market, therefore if your business needs to target those types of consumers, then you are in the right place.

The platform is a fantastic place to build a community at quick rates due to its nature and how it is built. People can see what their friends like, what they share, what they comment on which means that any interaction you get on your content, it most likely has been seen by 10x more people.

If you have slightly more money on the side, you can consider Facebook Advertising which is extremely under-priced allowing you to reach anyone, anywhere at any time. You can even tailor your perfect customer by their age, location, sex, interests, hobbies and a lot more.

Facebook is now considered to be more of a platform that users go on-to not to see what their friends are up to, but what their favourite pages have posted, meaning that if you are only getting on Facebook, it certainly is not later for you to get yours.


Instagram is a relatively new platform compared to Facebook, however, it is owned by them and has proven to be a huge hit after Facebook acquired Instagram for 1B US dollars just after 500 days of the initial release of Instagram.

It has over 1B active users that are mainly aged between 13 and 30, or in other words, predominantly millennials, however, it is catching up with all of the other ages as the platform matures, therefore, if your business is in an industry that is strictly for silver market users, don’t worry, you can still squeeze a lot of potential out of the platform.

Instagram is a very aesthetical platform, meaning that you need either a video or an image in order to post. With the huge rise in competition over the years, consumers are more and more demanding meaning that the quantity of quality of content is increasing and you must meet the expectations if you want to stay on top of your competitors.

Perhaps one of the most important functions of Instagram is connecting the 1B users that are active on the platform much closer together compared to the rivals, Facebook. With the single of a hashtag, you can reach anywhere from 1 to 500m people, depending on your searches. The great thing is that you can add those hashtags that describe your business, product, content or anything that you may find useful and expose your profile to millions of people to see.

Hashtags also last a lifetime, therefore, you never know who and where they are going to see your content and how it will affect them, therefore, it is important for you to keep it consistent and quality if you want to get quality leads in the future.


Overall, Facebook and Instagram own half of the world’s populations’ attention; therefore they are both extremely valuable platforms that your business must be part of.

The great thing about them is that they are free, therefore, the businesses that end up making it, are the ones that put in the most effort in understanding their consumers and their needs while providing them with the right solution in the right way. DubSEO

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