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Latest Tips to Conduct SEO in 2020 and Beyond

Latest Tips and Trends to Conduct SEO in 2020 and Beyond

Posted on: May 22, 2020 7 min read

What are your SEO points to consider in the year 2020? What will be the new developments you should make to ensure you maximise your search engine options? Recently, we had spoken to ten SEO experts in this field and have got their thoughts on the latest SEO updates and how business may put them in practice? Let us discuss the highlights on SEO tips 2020 that have been organized with complete support of SEM ranking.

  • Try to focus completely on the basics of SEO – When clicking on the SEO trends post, you will find the list of actionable tips that will enable you to remain intact for the next year. But the reality is that you can determine what to expect from the search engines however, routine and ongoing works will be the main recipe for your ultimate success.
  • Write user friendly content only – The biggest search engine, Google is constantly updating its algorithms to know better user intent and offer the most relevant search engine results. This has been simplified into acronyms to make you understand Google's latest focus – however the continuous changes probably mean you should try to creating informative and unique content to answer the needs of users.  With the help of artificial intelligence or AI and great SEO tips, things are now becoming more sophisticated by delivering the type of content that Google algorithms like though you cannot optimize your content for the search engines. You should optimize your content not only for the search engines but mainly for the online users.
  • Build a trustworthy brand for your business – You need to create a good website and real business with several entities to prove it is a business with a real name that search engines may understand and trust. Google is now trying to judge your business constantly based on the quality of service you provide to the valuable clients. Apart from the quality of offline service, it is worth investing your time in building up the authoritativeness, expertise and trust of your business. Besides improving your content, it is all about restructuring the way it has been presented, including internal site links and website's navigation. This means SEO, CRO, and UX teams need to work together to boost overall success of your website.
  • Your website should be safe and load quickly – Certain questions are related to the basic comfort on the web and these are – page speed, UX and security. All of them will possibly be much more important in 2020 than before. Search engines take proper care about the convenience and safety of users, on the whole.
  • Search is expected to be more personalised for users – According to experts working in a SEO agency in London, the perfect SERP state of Google is when the results are as personalised as possible for the users. The deepening of personalisation trend has been supported by the development of Google Discover. In the words of Dan Taylor, Google Discover will not go away and it denotes specific change in user behavior and the way Google will be presenting the content to its users.
  • Make sure you aim for featured snippet – Search engine results pages or SERPs have changed tremendously in the past few years. Rather than the list of blue links that offer users with the most appropriate options to select from, Google also tries to provide you with a single and most relevant answer exactly on the results page. While this may seem to be beneficial for the users, this is believed to be the worst nightmare for many marketers.
  • Link building will not go away anywhere – Backlinks usually act for two main purposes when SEO is concerned. First of all, they help the search engines to crawl and search for the content, and secondly, they drive converting traffic by contributing directly to the commercial success of a website. You will have to focus in generating good and relevant links for SEO benefit. You also need links in the form of a powerful traffic driver, when properly built.

Thus, the year 2020 will need to maintain the standard SEO routines in order to make your website fast, error-free, safe and easily browsable. At the same time, you should aim for high quality backlinks and rather, write for the people. Make sure you are aware about the targeted audience, your people and take care of the brand reputation since Google is trying to judge how successful you might be in delivering a good experience to customers.

As per DubSEO Agency experts in London, you should try to consider your links in the form of a traffic channel as SEO-based must-have elements and fight for the ultimate right to be highlighted in SERPs. This will enable you to strive for rich snippets and get your content displayed properly in the Featured snippets.

At the starting point, you can always Google your own business and know how Google is actually seeing you. This will provide you with a clear insight into what impression the search engines have for you and what you should work on moving ahead.

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