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 Businesses Based on SWOT Strategy

Local SEO Analysis for Businesses Based on SWOT Strategy

Posted on: Dec 20, 2017

It is pretty easy to waste a lot of time and effort on things that hardly prove productive in SEO and ignore things that are important in the process. This is because it is hard to understand where to begin in optimising websites for the search engines.

According to experts, SEO analysis based on SWOT is an excellent way out to avoid the problem mentioned above. SWOT is the acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Let us now try to understand this strategy and learn the way it can be effectively implemented to your SEO efforts to deliver expected results.

A practical scenario

Suppose, there’s a WordPress website for ABC business concern. This business establishment deals in widgets and is genuinely an industry-expert. It has the necessary resources and expertise to cater to customers from its local store in Birmingham. However, the business doesn’t understand how to target the potential customers online.

Thus, ABC doesn’t show up in the search results for the local searchers. When it is publishing some relevant and meaningful content on the web on regular basis, the content hardly gets much traffic volume or ranks on the SERP first-page. Rather, its competitors’ content ranks higher in the search results, even if that content is much inferior in quality as compared to ABC’s.

Moreover, the ABC website is not optimised beyond the Home page and the Services page. To make matters worse, it doesn’t have any SEO plugin in place and its SEO software is reporting duplicate or copied content. On the positive side, ABC has identified the set of the most useful keywords in the business. Even after being in business for many years, ABC fails to secure the first-page on SERPs, while many newly launched companies have achieved that milestone.

Experts providing service on local SEO at DubSEO – the reputed SEO company in London – point out that the other websites enjoy more authority metrics as compared to ABC. Thus, they manage first-page ranking while ABC cannot.

Let us now consider this overall scenario on the basis of SWOT strategy.

Strengths for ABC:

  • In-depth industry expertise
  • High-quality content


  • Not properly optimised site
  • Absence of SEO plugins
  • Lacking technical optimisation
  • Poor analytics setup
  • No conversion tracking
  • Poor domain authority metrics
  • No results for local searches


There is sufficient room for ABC to rank in the first five positions on the major SERPs

  • Improve popularity of its content on the net
  • Targeting the featured snippets
  • Build quality links using high-quality content to build its domain authority


  • The competitors are moving miles ahead
  • Startup competitors are fast taking over ABC’s position in organic searches

Making Amends

In this scenario, there has to be a steady SEO action plan to cover these basic issues. These include:

  • Install SEO plugins
  • Focus on on-page optimisation
  • Solve the technical SEO problems
  • Concentrate on local SEO
  • Follow a link building strategy to improve authority
  • Target on featured snippets by revising the content quality
  • Implement the newer content marketing strategies

As far as the SEO industry is concerned, there is a set practice. When you are going through difficult times, try to get out of it first and only then, think about long-term plans. Let’s now see how SWOT strategy can be implemented here to overcome the problems.

Based on SWOT, here’re some questions that ABC needs to focus upon to find solutions to the problems.


  • Which keywords are currently ranking well?
  • Which content is ranking well?
  • What are the digital assets of the website?
  • Which one is the most valuable asset for the website?
  • Where does ABC rank better than its competitors?
  • What factors are driving the maximum organic traffic?
  • What are the most valuable links for the website?


Similarly, here’re the SWOT questions  based on its weaknesses that need to be addressed too:

  • What are the areas that need improvement?
  • Which are the business areas in which the website’s competitors are  performing better?
  • From the SEO aspect, what are the areas in which the competitors are doing better?
  • Which SEO strategies have failed previously?
  • Which content is driving no traffic?
  • How much budget is needed to achieve the SEO objectives?


Just as in real life, opportunities in SEO are born from both strengths and weaknesses. There needs to be extensive research on the following:

  • What should be the content strategy to make the maximum impact?
  • How the website can be optimised to improve its performance?
  • How link building be further improved?
  • What are the changes that can improve the search results on SERP?
  • What are the problems that can be easily resolved?


  • What are the aspects where the competitors are stronger?
  • Are the start-ups improving their SEO?
  • Is the gap widening between the business and its competitors?
  • How far the search engine results are changing to impact the concerned business?

SEO campaigns have been seen to gain much by implementing SWOT strategy. Follow the tips discussed above to drive your campaign to success. For further tips on securing huge online identity for local businesses, just click on the link provided here.

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