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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management: Defending Your Company from Google Defamation

Posted on: Jul 30, 2018 5 min read

Let’s get to know Rich a little bit better. Rich is a highly experienced professional in the field of online reputation management. He’s made a lot of marketing programs for organisations from all sizes & industries from all over the world.

Have you tried to search yourself up on Google ? Most likely, just like 95% of the people browsing the internet. We all have the desire to know what sort of information is out there for each and everyone one of us.

It doesn’t stop just with your name. You are likely to also search up your business and have a deeper look into what others are saying about it.

This is a very important aspect of digital marketing because what Google and the other 2-3 relevant Search Engines can show to anyone, from any point, at any time, is extremely important. It could make or break your business.

Why Online Reputation Matters

Online reputation is extremely important. Consumers that are looking for certain products or services often look up at previous consumers and what their experience they had before they pay you money. The sad truth about it is that online customers are more likely to trust stranger reviews with nicknames in the sort of “JoHn_153” that your actual business.

If your brand is associated with any negative listings, then those online customers are likely to be put off and go elsewhere.

That’s why so many companies are investing in the practice known as online reputation management—an endeavor that essentially entails seeking to control the first ten Google search listings for a given brand.

Why The First Ten?

Wondering why most campaigns about reputation management focus on the first page of Google’s search results ? Or in other words, the first 10 listings, and nothing more ?

It would be virtually impossible to prevent or silence online users from leaving bad reviews about your business. It is also unlikely for an already existing listing to be removed. The best approach in this situation is start fresh and focus on being better.

Recent studies have discovered that the most efficient way is by putting your focus on the first page of google. The majority of search engine users, around 85% to be exact never click beyond the first page meaning that a negative listing on Google that is on the first page, is a pretty big deal. On the other side, bad reviews on page 3-4 and so forth, aren’t as important as you’d think.

Controlling Google Page 1

You must monitor the first page of Google at all times. Googling your business on regular basis is a great way to be informed of any new publications that may damage your business potential.

We would recommend that you build your online presence. Having a lot of information out there, from your business could place back the negative and replace them with a positive message. Your goal should be to populate the first page of Google with positivity. As we mentioned above, people don’t typically go beyond the first page so having all positive on the first, is vital. It will act as a defensive wall behind the mixed opinions that are all over the web.

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