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SEO Proper Budget Planning 2018

10 Tips for SEO Companies to Focus on For Proper Budget Planning

Posted on: Apr 30, 2018

The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.
- Jacob Lew

In the world of business each and every penny that you invest counts. Therefore it is crucial that you invest smartly, making educated and calculated plans beforehand. The smarter you invest the money, the better the return. SEO experts from a reputed SEO company in London have some tried and tested tips to allocate your funds in the right way to ensure higher returns.

  • First look back and then, set the goal: Experts from the SEO agency in London suggest, retrospecting or looking back first to what you did in the recent past (last year, to be precise). Most importantly, consider the budget you worked with last year. This can serve as a template to guide you along the journey year ahead. To enjoy better returns, simply increase your budget by percentage proportional to your gains last year. This way, you can also avoid useless spending of money on accounts that will never bring in returns.
  • Set goals for your campaigns: While looking behind to your previous budget, you should also make some effort in establishing certain goals for your campaigns. For example, if your priority is boosting traffic by a certain volume, utilise the historical data available. You may also go through various case studies of other organisations in the business. These will help you determine how much you need to spend to acquire those goals. If your mission is to outrank a competitor, then you should have a fluid budget.

Experts from SEO companies in London emphasise on the need for high-quality content. Content is king and none of your SEO objectives will be fulfilled if you do not stress upon publishing quality content.

  • Focus on quality and originality of content: Millions of brands and even individuals, if not more, are continuously publishing content to tap in to their target audience. So you need to publish the best quality content that is possible. Create smaller number of content pieces that are engaging for your targeted users. Poor-quality content, irrespective of its volume, means nothing and is just white noise. Allocate a good budget for high-quality content.  
  • Don’t ignore video content: Traffic for video content is growing steadily across the years. Make sure that a proportion of the content you publish is video in nature. Allocate an extra budget for production and distribution of this type of content.
  • Content promotion: You also need to allocate money for promoting your content. The more it is promoted, the more it will reach out to the target audience.
  • Focus on mobile and other small screens: It is important at this stage that your content is also consumable for the mobile users. Mobile traffic has already taken over desktop traffic as far as the volume is concerned. Thus, you hardly stand a chance to achieve success by exclusively targeting the desktop audience.
  • Consider voice search: Voice search, along with its screen less interface, more complex and thoroughly conversational queries, is gaining prominence. Don’t ignore this rising trend and implement long-tail keywords and featured snippet to reap harvest from this ongoing trend.
  • Understand your audience better: Expectations of the audience are changing fast. They want more personalised content, which is specifically targeted to individuals. Thus, you need to set aside some funds to spend on more in-depth research and interviewing your audience to know them better.
  • Local search and local SEO: Local searches are becoming important in one hand, while on the other they’re becoming more localised. Considering this development, you need to set aside a portion of the fund for local SEO and local searches.
  • Link generation: Google’s algorithm updates and the string of the latest SEO strategies that are developed as a result, both point to the importance of generating high-quality link generation. There has to be a generous budget to generate links for your campaigns. A manual link building campaign is the most effective way to build authority straightaway. You don’t need quantity but definitely quality links to stay ahead of your competitors.

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