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SEO pricing for Local business

SEO Pricing in Relation to Your Business

Posted on: Jul 23, 2017

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not that easy as it seems to be like sending a mail campaign to 100 recipients. In some ways, you may not be able to measure your marketing tactics as they can have an influence on organic search traffic.

SEO cost is directly related to the rewards. Ranking for high keywords might be £10 per click in AdWords. This will have more costs associated with it than ranking for local keywords. However on the local area, there might be huge variability — and whether you want to rank site in a country, city, state, town or micro-area like village, this will have an influence how difficult it can be which has an impact on SEO pricing.

Whether you are running a small business, local business, national or international business, this blog will help you understand what your investment should be in organic search.

SEO prices: What will determine the exact cost?

SEO pricing should consider these variables:

  • Situation. Where are you at present?
  • Objectives. Where do you want to be?
  • Timeline. How soon you want to improve?

These elements will enable an agency to work out the cost of SEO for your business.

Let us consider this example:

  • A local business website ranks at the 12th position for main target keyword.
  • Competitors that are on the first page have higher authority metrics and more links.
  • Competitors have already invested more in the local SEO.

This information helps you determine some metrics:

  • An estimated amount of links generated
  • An overall idea of how much work is needed for local SEO front
  • A rough timeline to attain the objective

It is important to know about the present situation of your client, know their business goals and understand the needed timeline to calculate the exact price of SEO. You’ll find several variables and you might not know what the competitors are doing. However, an attempt can be taken to calculate the level of work needed and SEO price for it.

SEO prices in the UK

There is no study for SEO prices in the UK, but an SEO and PPC agency and that have worked with several businesses will provide you with an insight of what pricing looks like.

  • £50-£150 per month — low-end SEO (or low competition)
  • £150-£300 per month — mid-range small business SEO
  • £300-£500 per month — more competitive mid-range SEO
  • £500-£1,000 per month — high-end small business SEO (usually a national business)
  • £1,000-£2,000 per month — high-quality for competitive industries
  • £2,000 upwards per month — high-value businesses with content-led SEO approach. This can either be national or multi location business.

It is seen that the general SEO companies work from £300 upwards. There are some small business SEO providers’ that online work from around £50 to £150 per month. You may find it difficult to know what some of these do for adding greater value.

SEO prices in the US

Data provides more information about SEO packages in the US than in the UK. According to Moz, it has published survey results on SEO providers which include pricing and monthly pricing. These prices may not be specific to small businesses, however they still give us an overall idea.

Survey Question: Clients you provide service for ongoing/multi-month contracts, the monthly billing is:

10% — less than $500
27% — $500-1,000
29% — $1,000-2,500
20% — $2,500-5,000
15% — $5,000-10,000

According to a survey, there is a lot of variation, but most businesses spend not more than $5,000 in a month on SEO in the US. Nearly 40% of people spend less than $1,000, and this is why both startups and small businesses often lie. Keep in mind that the prices map to the level of difficulty and scope for the project. Those paying less than $500 in a month usually run local businesses.

What you need to spend for SEO pricing

Are you running a small yet national business in this competitive market? If yes, then you will have to pay more for SEO than small businesses in the local space. Consider e-commerce online store against local plumber. Depending on the market and potential profit margin, you will know how much to spend for SEO pricing. 

Thus, the question arises, ‘What do you need to pay?’ ‘How will you understand the importance of SEO?’ The answer lies in your present situation and the business you are running. If you make huge profit from your business, there is every possibility of higher competition. On the other hand, if the profit margin is low, there will definitely be lesser competition. However, if you need to move forward to a long way, make sure you pay more to reach into the top three.

Make sure the SEO provider gives relevant answer as to how they calculate which service you will require and stay away from lower end of marketplace, as automation needed to deliver SEO at £50 per month may lead to problems in future.

SEO and website design

Till now, we have only discussed about the monthly costs of SEO thinking that a well-optimized website is ready. However, if this is not the case, you might have to consider the costs of creating SEO-friendly site. A well-optimized site platform delivers great usability for mobile users. This is indeed a huge investment, but a website not built with search and satisfied users will not be useful for SEO.

Return on Investment: Why ‘How much does SEO cost?’ 

Finally, it is return on investment (ROI) that matters a lot. If a lead costs £15 from social ads, £20 from paid search or £5 from organic search, then organic is a valuable channel that provides the best return on investment.

Taking into consideration all these factors is not that easy, however it is essential to know what the return will be based on digital marketing strategies. SEO and organic search will continue to deliver the best overall Return on Investment. This is correct when you consider engagement, brand awareness and full spectrum of conversions starting from lead generation to converting them into sales.

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