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Smart PR Strategies to Improve your Brand Visibility

Smart PR Strategies to Improve your SEO and Business

Posted on: Mar 28, 2018

Wondering how your competitors improved their rankings in search engines and attained better position on Google? While you had been too busy optimizing the specific keywords for your site’s organic SEO, your competitors were using PR tactics to improve the growth of their business and achieve free links.

Many businesses usually commit the mistake of thinking PR strategies to be the only good thing for popular brands and find it quite difficult to achieve media coverage without having proper marketing budget. The reality is that you can create your PR strategy without going beyond the marketing budget. Go through this blog and know how you can actually do so.

The role of PR in the improvement of SEO

Experts of a good SEO company in London have said, when it is about public relations, it is not only related to news coverage and press releases. Rather, PR has several benefits associated with it like building backlinks for improving domain authority of your site. This is a direct ranking signal that the biggest search engine, Google uses on the search engine.

When you write a press release, the publications will discuss about your online business while linking it to your website. Thus, you will get a free backlink automatically to your site. Also, you will attain brand recognition as well as build domain authority.

How you can begin the process

The key for a successful PR strategy is to know the present market and position your marketing tactics for getting proper coverage on the right publications to reach out to the target audience.

Before reaching out to the media, it is important to set some specific goals for achieving success. For example, if your ultimate goal is to improve SEO, then you need to focus in getting published on the websites that provide “do-follow” backlinks.

Various popular blogs have “no-follow” tag for outbound links on the comment section. These links helpto generate traffic to your site but adds less SEO value from domain authority.

According to professionals of the best SEO company in London, when searching for the right websites, try to follow these four tactics for an effective PR strategy.

  • Create a guest posting campaign – Guest posting is one of the easiest waysfor getting free media coverage. It enables you to post stories that talk about your products on popular blogs and link them to your website.
  • First, you will have to search for a blog in your niche that will accept guest posting. After this, you need to reach to the publication for getting some ideas on blog post. Once you have an idea, you can post the blog and mention your business or add a link in the author bio section. Thus, the publication will be getting free quality post for generating more traffic to their site and in return, you will get a free backlink for your website.
  • Connect with popular PR platforms – Another way to post blogs is by joining different PR platforms. By following this strategy, you do not write the content for media and they will be writing stories for you. Many PR websites can be used for connecting with blogs and journalists.
  • Some websites like PR Newswire and PRWeb can be used for publishing press releases to get the media for your stories.
  • Use skyscraper technique – You might a small business but you can use quality content for getting publications to linkto your website.The skyscraper technique is considered to be a popular strategy that websites use these days for building links.
  • Theprocess involves creating thorough guide or a resource on your website and then reaching out to the publications to link to your guide.
  • Use email outreach program– This is a less popular PR strategy that businesses usually forget these days. You need to keep a track of the popular brands as different websites usually write your business stories without noticing you. Thus, you may use such stories for building more links for your website.
  • You may create a Google Alert that will notify whenever a website mentions about your product or brand. Then, you can reach out to these publications and ask for a backlink to your website. Most websites will provide links to your website for adding more value to their blogposts.

You will find various tools that can be used for a successful PR strategy with a limited budget. You can create and maintain the PR campaign by yourself. So, whether it is related to getting more visitors or links to the landing pages, creating the right PR strategy is the suitable way for expanding your business and staying ahead of your competitors.

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