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Top Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Game Changing Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

Posted on: Dec 20, 2016

Worldwide there are over two and half billion users of social media and this number is increasing at a rate of almost 10% every year. Advertising spend is matching and superseding this with social media spend growing at fifty five per cent last year.  

Here are five trends to look out for next year:

1. Live Video Feeding: Although there have been strides in streaming (YouTube Live, FB Live, Periscope Pro) we are still very much on the nursery slopes. Research has shown that an impressive 41% of cable, satellite and other pay TV channels plan to reduce or completely cut their subscriptions in the very near future because their viewers are moving to social and digital platforms. That means that Networks as well as content providers will have to move to what we are actually watching most. 

2. The Case for Social Commerce: Social commerce is massive, globally. Google and Messenger have allowed us to send money for a while now but this was in person-to-person exchange. Twitter and Pinterest now allow for purchases and that will impact brands with mainstream adoption and influence on social media marketing strategy.

3. The Messaging App: Engaging with a customer one on one is a huge advantage. The challenge will be how to develop content that is relevant to many people. Bots that provide relevant content and are informed by customer’s behaviour is an expensive option but cost savings, particularly around customer services, will validate those costs, fast!

4. Virtual Reality Offerings: There wasn’t much VR in 2016, although there was a lot of talk about it.  Most content was 360 VR Videos, uploaded to FB and YouTube and this is definitely the future. It's not that user friendly yet but this is a space that will grow.

5. Social Channels An Evolving Story: Snapchat is on the rise still, but needs to make finding fun and interesting accounts easier. Instagram has risen to the challenge recently with the Explore tab and Instagram Stories. Instagram Explore’s tab algorithm works really well, and will keep your interest engaged for hours.

Trends for 2017 are going to be Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, and other platforms that are an integral part of our lives so we can’t imagine how we ever survived without them. As more innovative types of content emerge as well as ways to get them out there, social media will only increase.  To make sure that you are on trend for 2017, contact DubSEO for your SEO services in London.

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