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Strategies and tips need to follow for SEO Optimisation on  E-Commerce Website

40 Strategies and Tips for SEO Optimisation on E-Commerce Website

Posted on: Oct 03, 2014

Obtaining optimization goal for online stores is different from the web promotions on blogs, forms, directories, local business etc. Developing SEO strategies and that for ecommerce website is considered a hard task and this is due to organizational reluctance towards budget variability. The content is another vital issue to consider in an ecommerce website. DubSEO is a popular name in the content development industry and this SEO Company in London ensures that the site functions as per its purpose.

Reasons for Toughness:

  • No organization likes to establish link with the respective product pages unless it earns commissions from it.
  • Limitation on framing ideas for developing contents.
  • Further any ecommerce site always contains pages that require optimization for use in terms of landing page meeting the needs and wants of target audience

Tactics towards building an efficient ecommerce site

  • Initially it is required to obtain optimisation on landing pages.
  • Get rid of unethical means for link building.
  • Greater stress on internal linking.
  • Less focus should be on market and more on making people knowledgeable.

There are certain strategies that any ecommerce store can follow in order to obtain optimisation.

For On-site Optimization

User Reviews:

  • Activity of user is considered which selecting algorithms for determining rankings for search entered.
  • Focus more on conversions as a means to educate visitors about user feedback who have already used a product.
  • Developing contents on site and that is uniquely is essential for improving search ranking.

Allowing regular update of Homepage section

It is possible through blog posts obtained recently or through updates on twitter

Targeting on Keyword usage:

It is necessary to use keyword based on the site contents which are nothing but the products or services produced by an organization.

Optimizing images for products:

There is one way to increase the page score and that is by using keywords that are marked for usage.

Including User-friendly links:

It is always better to keep URLs short and clean. It is possible through typing targeted key words on URL.

Avoid using duplicate contents:

For any content, however important it is must not contain the same write up or should not copy from an already existing content.

Pages that link with products:

Adding pages onto site will aid in providing information to different visitors. Creating contents in a different way will make the products popular among the audience and thereby the site link ability is enhanced

Creating Video sitemap:

Including a video sitemap to one's site is considered efficient as it enables the site to generate traffic by means of videos posted which signify competitive keywords.

Featuring the search:

It helps in establishing the usability of the site. It is essential in pointing out the individual requirements of visitors who have come across the website. Further it is also used as a signal in search algorithms by Google.

Looking after category pages as homepage:

Looking after category page as a dedicated homepage helps in enhancing page rank. In addition there must be a landing page meant for branded products that will provide aid to search entered by users.

Blog section inclusion:

Adding a blog section helps in generating organic traffic which further improves Google search rankings. Further the blog will serve the very purpose of educating the readers about products and services and thereby aid in lead generations and finally conversions. Hence it is more about developing a long term relationship with the visitors.

Speed of the site:

The speed of the site can be improved by removing applications and plugins that are unnecessary. Further large pages can be compressed through GZIP compression. A site that gets loaded quickly will always bear a good impression on the minds of the visitor and can eventually lead to possible conversion


A site must keep its pages featuring products and services in just a few clicks away. This is necessary for quick access to point of sale

Indicators for trust:

A site containing the following signifies trust:

  • Providing physical address and contact numbers.
  • Pictures of board members.
  • Certifications from different associations and other organizations.
  • Terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer norms etc.

Products those are related:

Including a related product page along with main product page helps a visitor in getting more refined search for his or her need. Further there is a greater chance of achieving conversion from the lot of related products.

The pages must connect with products having rich texts.

Maintain a separate page for product information:

A product information page is meant for providing in depth information about products being selected for final purchase. It is something that provides reader with a choice about whether to go with the product or not.

Page for product comparison:

Product comparison always helps in taking the right decision about selecting the most suitable product out of the several ones.

  • FAQ pages connecting with other important pages.
  • Highlighting top products by means of sidebar widget

Blog posts serving as support pages:

It is possible to maintain a blog containing relevant information like images, anchor texts and content ideas that will finally get associated with product pages.

Optimization Off-site

Distribution of E-book:
One can create a valuable document in PDF mentioning about the links to different pages on site. The content thus created can be distributed through directories.

News submission and press release:
These events play a significant role in providing quality links to one's site. Further it will cause brand amplification. Before going for a press release it is necessary to obtain information on market state, upcoming events, performance of business and other associated findings.

Product review videos:
Posting the product videos on sites like Metacafe, Vimeo amd Youtube can improve the page rankings to a considerable extent. Further the video sites are expected to bring greater traffic as people are attracted to contents that are visually appealing.

  • Link building by means of image submissions or bookmarking
  • Submitting feeds obtained on products to review sites and other shopping engines

Following on competitor's links

One can follow on competitor's link as a means to understand use of certain keywords and upon following which results can be obtained similar to them. Further following this approach will also help in finding out methods that are more prevalent in industry

Building relationship with bloggers:

It is better to connect with different bloggers who can provide content based on different products available. One can connect with them through social media, phone calls or emails. Further asking them for product review might help in increasing the chances for conversion.

Guest Blogger:

One can perform guest blogging by creating a blog with contents and links similar to the original product blog. Ensure that the keyword entries for guest blog must be similar to the parent site as it might act as a linking page for the same.

Contacting dealers, suppliers or manufacturers for building links and thereby writing product reviews.

Branding by means of community participation.

One can build brand for a store through information provided in the form of Q & A on certain sites.

Monitoring Brands:

Brand monitoring is done by means of Google alerts on social and web media. It is quite helpful in achieving quality links required for site upliftment. Google alerts can be prepared by providing the keywords that are targeted.

Asking users for making product reviews as positive:

It can be achieved through certain incentives like discounts, coupons, freebies etc to the existing customers. Usually such a review is posted on sites containing product comparison.

Avoid using duplicate contents:

For any content, however important it is must not contain the same write up or should not copy from an already existing content.

  • Allowing regular update of Homepage section
  • It is possible through blog posts obtained recently or through updates on twitter

Encouraging staff members to establish link via social media to one's site.
Organizing contests:

One can collaborate with online stores or bloggers to sponsor contests which can bring in quality links to one's site on a massive rate. Further it causes one's site to reach to a large audience circle

Establishing partnership on links:

Upon finding an online store selling similar products, one can approach for building a linking partnership with it. By this means both of them will be mutually benefited.

Employing the advantage of site's trust, page rank and domain authority:

It is done by making quality links to important pages on site by some authority sites existing in industry. It will enable increase in page rankings.

Linking out:

It is a process of reaching out to the loyal followers and considered as a great means to establish relationship among company and customer. Promoting events and mentioning voluntarily in industry can help in bringing in more relationships.

Search optimization for Products by Google

In this it is required to submit product details along with attributes as a means to attain better rankings on search engines. Try to attain good product reviews as a means to promote one's product basket

Constant search through Links:

Once the site has reached its top ranking, there should always be motive towards extending linking targets. This task should be repeated every now and then.

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