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Talent Insights: LinkedIn Recruitment Tool under Development

Posted on: Oct 12, 2017

LinkedIn – the most popular social networking site for business development and employment-related services – is currently working on a unique tool called Talent Insights. The tool is aimed to help enterprises in making better data-backed decisions, related to recruiting and managing talents. Armed with over 500 million members and 11 million active job listings, covering the whole world, the job-related social networking platform is in the right position to offer a dynamic view of the ever-changing global job market.  

Once this Talent Insights tool is pressed into service, recruiters are expected to be in a position to make more strategic and smarter decisions related to talent recruitment.

The Talent Insights Tool

The unique tool is expected to provide recruiters with self-serve access to two key reports, namely:

•    Talent pool report and 
•    Company report

Talent Pool Report

This report will make it clear the type of talent a recruiter is looking for. Thus, it will automatically narrow down the list of probable candidates during interview. Moreover, the report will also tell the recruiter the things he needs to know to hire the right talent to fill a particular job opening. 

The relevant information the “Talent Pool Report” will provide includes:

•    Where a talent lives and what are the industries he or she worked in
•    What are the challenges for you to overcome to hire the talent you’re looking for
•    Which are the schools that are producing the kind of talent you want to hire
•    How a particular variety of talent is engaging with or responding to your company on LinkedIn

The Company Report

The Company report provides helpful insights regarding your company’s performance and success. Thus, it helps recruiters like you to attract and retain talents. Based on the insight provided by the Company report, you can fine tune your recruiting strategy and get better talents to fill up your vacancies.

The company report will shed light on many crucial aspects, like:

•    How well-distributed a company’s workforce is based on geography and functionality.
•    The scope where your organisation is gaining talents from or losing talents to your competitors.
•    Which skills are developing at your organisation the fastest.
•    What are the schools from where your company is hiring talents.

Both the reports will present the distinct information in a user-friendly manner and you can easily share and export this information with your preferred audience. 

Thus, the days of conventional recruitment procedures almost seem to be over. Once the Talent Insights tool is rolled out, enterprises, IT industries & SEO companies like DubSEO in London will have brand new experience on aspects like talent hunt and talent hiring. 

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