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The 5 Biggest SEO Myths Small

The 5 Biggest SEO Myths

Posted on: Aug 28, 2018 5 min read

If you are new to the SEO world, anything you find online, you will believe because you simply do not have the foundation of knowledge to identify information which simply is not correct. Our experts will break 5 of the biggest myths when it comes to SEO so that you don’t make costly mistakes when you decide to optimise your website.

Myth #1: Content is all you need.

We have heard that content is king, however in SEO that is unfortunately not enough. There are plenty of websites around the web that are spreading false information about SEO and how it actually operates.

Content combined with links is like conjoined twins of SEO. You just have to have both go hand-in-hand to get the best results. One will simply not work to its optimal potential without the other, especially in the long run.

Myth #2: Speed Is not Important:

Google have officially stated that the speed of a page is only a tie-breaker when all other factors that influence your ranking are more equal. There are plenty of websites like Page Speed that can measure your website speed.

We do recommend that you test your most heavily visited page to give you a fair idea of the website speed that you currently have. Like a blog for example.

By any means, we are not talking about cutting a 10 seconds load speed to 2 seconds, we are talking about websites that take more than 15-20 seconds to load all the web-page content. That should be something you need to work on. Ideally, your page speed should be around 5-10 seconds at most.

Myth 3: Big corporations do it, so it must be good.

This one can hurt your business very badly. We best advise that you tailor into your own way of operation. Don’t copy anyone else, because that is their business, not yours. It does not guarantee anything because their customers may not act the same way as yours do.

Just because Twitter uses infinite scroll, that doesn’t mean that you should too because it simply may not be a practical thing to do. Your customers will most likely have a completely different intent and behaviour when they visit your website compared to Twitter.

Keep it original and test & learn. That is the best way to find out what works the best for you.

Myth #4: Links are dead:

We aren’t even sure why this is even a myth. It is like saying money is irrelevant to our lives. It is simply not true. Links are not even remotely close to being dead.

As we mentioned in Myth #1, if you have the best, most valuable content in the world without links, it will simply not get as much visibility on Google.

People may have that opinion on links because they haven’t been successful in SEO, however, we, as one of the most reputed SEO agencies in London can confirm that links are an absolutely vital part of your SEO.

Myth #5: Social media helps you rank:

Let’s get this straight. Social Media is of a fundamental importance to any business in the world today. If you are not on it, you are irrelevant and invisible to the market, however, social media doesn’t help you rank higher on Google, it simply gives you more exposure which could lead to new links which will help you with your SEO.

Social media is more about visibility and works as the engine which generates the energy to fuel your SEO. Hopefully, that makes sense.

We do hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information. If you, however, need SEO done by an experienced and reputed agency like DubSEO, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will bring your business real results. Our e-mail address is: [email protected].

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