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Best Marketing Strategy Ever

The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

Posted on: Oct 15, 2018 5 min read

We are in the 4th quarter of 2018 and a lot has changed since 2017. We have the same conversation year after year and discuss what has changed from the year prior. Many marketing experts use different statistics, consumer behaviour traits and business growth to judge what the best marketing strategy actually is, however, these can be misleading.

Many new business owners and start-ups read and believe everything, leaving them confused as to what the best marketing strategy actually is, regardless of whether it is 2018 or 2024.

There is no way we can predict what the marketing industry would look like 6 years from now, just like we didn’t even know Instagram or Snapchat would exist and become such a big part of the marketing world 6 years ago, however, in this blog, we will talk you through the single most important, most effective and most important marketing strategy ever.

Word of Mouth:

You may be shocked at hearing this, however, let us tell you that this is the strongest and most effective marketing method EVER. For the world that we live in today, nothing will be more powerful than your best friend’s opinion over a particular brand or company.

Yes, we have Facebook Advertising that is undoubtedly the best strategy for scaling a business quickly, however, good word of mouth is a slow but a very powerful method once it becomes global or local, depending on your business nature.

Let us give you an example; Amazon. Amazon have mastered consumer behaviour and customer service. They kept their Amazon Prime promise, as well as one day delivery at 99% of the time, even during big holiday seasons. You may be thinking, well this is easy, they are one of the biggest companies in the world. Managing a business on this huge scale and operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year and keeping the promise that 99% of the online companies can’t despite being no way near the size of Amazon is truly phenomenal.

So where are we getting with this? Say you have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, but you are busy and can’t go out shopping, so you go on Amazon, order a present, and it is at your door in the morning. You would tell your friends right? Not because it is something very special, but because they kept their promise and because they saved you from embarrassing yourself at the birthday party for not bringing anything.

Overtime, you become an Amazon customer and automatically suggest Amazon to everyone that you think can benefit from their services because they hadn’t let you down.


Word of mouth marketing is a very slow process that never ends and can take years before your business truly takes off, however, once it does and if you have been working hard to deliver on your promises throughout, then you are set for success big time in the upcoming years.

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