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Need of Artificial Intelligence for the Success of SEO in 2019

The Need of Artificial Intelligence for the Success of SEO in 2019

Posted on: Jul 30, 2019 9 min read

In today’s world, artificial intelligence or AI is one of the biggest trends in the digital marketing industry. Previously, AI was related to machinery, robots and complicated science, however, it has become an extremely familiar practice in this day and age. Whether it is just a self-check-out line at the grocery store to reading through recommendations on Amazon before purchasing any product, AI has evolved a lot and whether you notice it or not, it is everywhere.

Impact of AI on Search Engine Optimisation

AI is a machine learning language that has become a vital component in ranking web pages on search engines. This means that it is quite important foryou to know about AI when optimising for search. As search engines can identify irrelevant backlinks, keyword stuffing and quality content for marketers as well as users, marketers need to use AI to meet the requirements of the search engines.

While following SEO guidelines is necessary, using AI for the success of SEO provides a greater opportunity to improve webpage rankings and enables you to develop better content and cohesive strategies.

Read on to knowwhy AI is a great investment for your SEO marketing strategies.

AI’s impact on contentmarketing strategy

According to experts of a reputed SEO agency, AI can have an extraordinary impact on your content marketing strategy.The technology gives suitable opportunities to reach out to targeted audiences and requires thinking of how to string them together into an effective marketing strategy. Many companies use AI for customer insight and valuable data that may lead to SEO success.

Takeaway: When it is about choosing the right approach, AI can help to search for the data you require to develop a successful strategy around the best channels for messaging.

AI & hyperpersonalization

Nothing can be more tempting for a customer than knowing that a brand can personalise their business message.Today’s consumers think that companies are aware of how to produce content for their needs. Hence, personalisation is vital for the success of customers andbetter SEO success.

Nowadays, smart personalisation engines are used to recognise the intent of customers that will enable digital businesses to boost their profit margin by almost 15 percent. You can add personalisation to SEO and content marketing strategy by incorporating AI and automation-based marketing methods.

AI allows you to provide:

  • Dynamic content.
  • Special landing pages.
  • Great user experiences based on consumer behavior

Takeaway: Personalisation is still continuing to developand search engines have recognised this and are rewarding those who want to figure it out.

Search engines &machine learning

One of the vital components of SEO is the role of search engines. Over the years, search engines have become smarter and more influential in page rankings. SEO experts should meet the requirements of relevancy with appropriate keywords, metadata optimisation, acquired links, and adding site content.However, SEO is moving beyond these basic – yet necessary – components of page rankings.

Experts working in a reputed SEO agency in UK have said that search engines like Google want to take advantage of AI and machine learning to offer the most effective results. They have different channels for consumers to search for what they actually need.To satisfy algorithms and bots successfully, marketers need to employ the same tools and tactics as search engines, namely AI.

Takeaway: Search engines are smart enough to understand better what customers actually want. By using the most appropriate tools, consumer needs can be fulfilled.

Emergence of smartcontent tools

The combination of AI and SEO requires an emergence of intelligent content tools. These days, content tools use AI technology to help marketers improve the performance of SEO.

Artificial intelligence is anextensive component of effective digital marketing strategy. Whether it is collection of dataor content writing, AI is becoming necessary for content and SEO. Thus, technology based companies have already realised the fact and have created different tools to help you reach your audiences.

Takeaway: With Google’s requirements for page rankings becoming more advanced, many tech support companies are rising to face the challenge of creating tools to address them.

According to DubSEO professionals, search engines will continue to evolve in the same way they always have been. As consumer taste changes and starts to depend more on capability, search engines will have to become more adaptable in meeting the needs of customers. Search engines use AI to match consumer needs in a better way. This means marketers should consider the power of AI for fulfilling these requirements.

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