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Tips on Influencer Marketing for More SEO Success

13 Tried and Tested Tips on Influencer Marketing for More SEO Success

Posted on: Nov 29, 2017

Influencer marketing is a marketing approach, where the focus is given on influential individuals rather than on the target audience. It is a very common tactic for marketers and also popularly known as influence marketing. In this approach, it is implied that the influential characters have the power to influence the target audience to make them buy particular products and services. 

As a matter of fact, this form of marketing is a crucial element in driving any SEO project to success. Here are some tried and tested SEO influencer marketing tips for you to make your clients happier.

  • Influencer links: Trigger the desire in the target audience to jump over to your client’s business website right from that of an influencer’s. To achieve this, let your audience watch the full video, the entire show or the full interview. There has to be some kind of attitude to bring them to the actual business. 
  • Guest posts by your influencers: Apart from A-list celebrities like movie stars and sports personalities, webstars, like YouTube bloggers, fit the role of influencers in the world of SEO. Websites of these influencers can provide you with the valuable links  that your competitors strive to achieve. When you’ve included influence marketing, it is a good practice to offer a prize signup form on an influencer’s website rather than on a business website. 
  • Fan links of an influencer: Apart from an influencer, their fans and fan site coverage are also known to offer sufficient mileage. As a local SEO expert, you should target an influencer’s fan base as well. This will help you secure greater value of money for your clients. 
  • Influencer sources: Social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others are tried and tested sources to get influencers.  Influencers are available in every possible size, shape and category. However, you’ve to be selective in choosing these platforms. If your target audience is above a certain age, then it is better to capitalise on an influencer, who has a vast fan-following on something like Instagram.
  • Be smart in your approach: Remember, audiences prefer people than brands. Therefore, focus on celebrating successes and achievements of your influencer than setting the focus on your brand. Give enough space and importance to your influencer. This is a smart and effective approach to take your brand nearer the target audience.
  • Link prospect from influencers: As an effective tip for influencer marketing 2018, you should have a thorough look in the link portfolio of your web influencer. Make sure, whether any popular publisher is anxious to rope in this individual. Approach these marketing catalysts through the influencers management firms  and then, sign a deal to enjoy some impressive link juice.
  • Use the link sources: It is important to boost relations and bonding between them, who guarantee large volumes of natural syndication. This strategy not only improves word of mouth but also boosts ROI. 
  • Terms and conditions for influencers: Add as much clarity to your influencer’s terms and conditions (T&C) as possible. Be specific about the do-s and don’t-s that you will be allowed to cash in on your influencer. Agents usually monetise any out-of-the-way approaches and you’ve be careful about this. 
  • Long-tail of influencers: It is common for every influencer to have a long-tail of searches. A significant part of this even falls into the high traffic and low competition category. Therefore, to facilitate  better SEO influencer marketing in 2018, focus on workouts, makeups, interviews and such other approaches and integrate all these elements to enjoy the best results.
  • Recoup costs and repeat: You’ve to be creative in your thinking and innovative in your approach to enjoy a greater coverage and link authority. There are always a lot more topics embedded at the core. Thus, there are more reasons for people to share, promote and provide coverage for at that level. 
  • Social traction: Why don’t you try to utilise the influence of your in-house staffs? Have you ever thought about trying out this approach? You can actually utilise your staff members as cameo roles in your campaign. New video stars always gain more attention and this will definitely serve your purpose. 
  • Involve charity: You need to work on charity involvement as the master tactic. It is important to mention here, some of the topmost authorities have charitable interest. It is indeed challenging to broker any right charity partnership. But, if you can meet their requirements, it will provide you with a long-time opportunity and that too, at a much broader level than you expected. 
  • SEO is ever-green: Any helpful tips on SEO influencer marketing 2018 is all about utilising one’s inherent creativity and applying the innovative ideas. As you get a celebrity to perform something new and captivating, it is equally a great opportunity for both the business and the influencer. 

Follow these strategies and take your SEO campaign to greater heights of success. 

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