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Which one is better- Traditional or Digital Marketing?

What Does Your Business Require- Traditional or Digital Marketing?

Posted on: Jan 27, 2017

This question is often the topic of great debate between marketers and business owners alike. Unlike established firms, they do not have tons of finance to experiment. However, a dream is a dream. They have to play all the odds diligently to reach the desired stage of success. 

So when it comes to advertising, as a newcomer you have to portion your limited revenue wisely to make the rights decisions.  To help you from the very beginning, rather than tasting fruit of a single tree, it is better to eat less and relish the other varieties. Rather than opting for either traditional or digital marketing, go for both; as each has its distinct benefits. 

Here is what constitutes traditional and digital marketing for you to consider and decide. 

Traditional Marketing 

  • Traditional marketing helps to inform your target audience about your business, types of products or services and acts as a reminder of your brand name. It consists of the long-established medium of communications like Television, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Pamphlets, Flyers and more. 
  • Traditional marketing helps to reach specific audience by analysing the demographic nature of the buyers and prospective customers. For instance, a billboard in front of a college with a colourful advertisement of beauty products will more than likely draw the attention of young women. Similarly, a newly opened computer shop can gain recognition with an ad via the local radio station. But understanding the nature of target audience in case of traditional marketing is tough and time consuming.  
  • The traditional marketing messages are presented in a highly organised and engaging manner. Especially print media. The vibrant image and the crisp content convey the purpose in a highly understandable manner. Moreover, your readers can store the items for future use, rather than surfing the internet repeatedly. 

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Digital Marketing

  • With digital marketing strategies you aware the mass using business websites, social media platforms, search engine ranking and banner ads. It allows you to extend to international destinations as well. 
  • While buying domain or paying for some online advertisement space can be expensive; yet, if your content quality is good and efforts are honest, digital marketing is indeed less extortionate than traditional ways of advertising. 
  • Google analytics and insight tools on the other hand allow you to keep a check on your marketing campaigns. You can clearly see the number of visitors to your website, subscribers, feedback etc to verify which method is working and which area is underperforming. 
  • Traditional media has its patent style. But digital marketing has plenty to offer in the form of blogs, articles and videos; base on different topics and information. A kind of query generated on the viewer’s side can be easily attended via contact page or feedback section. Hence, digital marketing company in UK can empower you with the terrific possibility of two-way communication. 

Now you may have your preference. Still, why not combine the advantages of both to give you the best fighting change. A particular Facebook user may share your business promotion, which will likely get noticed and favored by his or her friends. At the same time, in absence of internet the physical presence of traditional marketing medium will keep them updated. Bangor University research states that, physical presence of advertising materials is more real to the brain, demanding better metal and emotional processing. 

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