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reasons why you should be on LinkedIn as a professional

The 3 main reasons why you should be on LinkedIn as a professional

Posted on: Jun 24, 2018 6 min read

LinkedIn is the platform to be for employers and employees in 2018. It allows endless amount of networking opportunities from all over the world at anytime, anywhere.

It may not be amongst the most popular networks in the world but is definitely one to consider when it comes to furthering your career prospects, recruiting new members to the team or just networking with fellow business people from your industry.

LinkedIn has over 240 million active users which make it the most prominent network for professional discussions unlike Facebook and Twitter which are mostly for “hangout” type communicating.

LinkedIn is perfect for connecting with like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for forming connections between fellow CEO’s if you are a business owner or speak to like-minded employees within your industry.

You can also ask questions, share knowledge, follow important news, be informed about future events, find more about job opportunities and voice your opinions in front of millions.

It is fundamental to stay in touch with people in your niche or industry so you can build strong, long-lasting connections with them, and LinkedIn is the place to do just that.

LinkedIn is still the most prominent platform to promote yourself on as a professional.

LinkedIn is still one of the best platforms on which you can promote your professional self to the world. Your LinkedIn page is like your own portfolio where you are able to list previous jobs, achievements, interests, details about your skill as well as other relevant information that may open doors to your future.

You are also able to use LinkedIn as a platform to advertise yourself and build credibility and reputation as a professional.

LinkedIn is the best place to get hired.

If you are looking for a job within your industry, LinkedIn is the place to go in 2018 due to the large amounts of employers on the platform.

The platform recommends you jobs that match the details that you have provided as well as show work opportunities that are relevant to yourself.

You are also able to visit company pages and look out for job openings from individuals that are planning on leaving that you may show an interest in. This way you can apply before the competition even knows about the job opportunity which increases the chances of you securing a place.

The opportunities are truly endless.

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