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Latest SEO Trends that can Bring Influence in Your Work

2020 SEO Trends that can Bring Influence in Your Work

Posted on: Jan 26, 2020 9 min read

The SEO industry is vast and certain things will always remain the same. Whether it is using the relevant keywords in the titles or writing a good meta description for your blog post, you need to consider it to be a priority when optimising for mobile users. However, there are other things that change in this never-ending journey. This year, Google with other platforms, is trying hard to be the ultimate destination of their users’ journeys. This will define major SEO trends for 2020 and find the best way to remain effective within the framework made by Google. Make sure you follow Google SEO guidelines 2020 to rank your website on top in the search results.

Zero-click searches are the latest –

Great thanks to the SERP features since Google’s Local Packs, featured snippets, Knowledge graphs and so on are on zero-click searches now. This means that user query will be answered on the search engine result page itself, without the need to click anywhere else.

What we do

  • Do not fear – It is important to know about the kind of searches you do. These may be people who are finding your address and contact details or people who want an answer for their easy question. The particular clicks probably will not convert anyway and so, you should not fear anything anyway.
  • Target the right keywords – You should know about specific keywords that may bring you clicks. Use Rank Tracker with the Google Search Console to identify the keywords that you need to optimise for getting more clicks. This way, you can save your effort and time by optimising for queries with keywords such as “when,” “what year,” “how many” and so on.

Optimise for featured and rich snippets –

In today’s world, zero click searches have become very popular and the information on the SERP is more important than before. There are two ways to distinguish this, with featured or rich snippets. Rich snippets with title and description show images, price for products and stars for reviews and ratings. These are easy to obtain though they will lower the CTR improvements when compared to a featured snippet. According to SEO consultants in London, your result will be visible even though your position in the SERP remains the same. On the other hand, featured snippets can bring an increase in the CTR though getting one is tricky.

What we do

Both of these kinds of snippets require your data to be well-structured. You may turn to WebSite Auditor and know if the data on your site has already been structured.
Use Rank Tracker to look for opportunities about Featured snippets. Do not research the keywords you are ranking but rather, look specifically for the keywords for which your competitors already have a Featured snippet.

Local SEO is changing –

A large number of the abovementioned zero-click searches are local searches. The results are been shown on the SERP which are called Local Packs. In case of devices, a single Local Pack may take up a lot of space as an entire SERP is shown to users.

What we do

You may cover a huge number of searches with the most appropriate keywords such as “near me” or “address” and “phone number” in one search only. This can be done by creating a Google My Business page for your company.

However, this should only be the beginning of your efforts. A large number of searches won’t end on the Local packs. People who would like to compare different products and search for the detailed information will visit your website and this is where the traditional SEO practices have become more important. Thus, a solid backlink profile is vital and for this, you may look for the type of backlinks your competitors can get and try to attain them for yourself.

Another feature of local SEO is that you need to have not only any backlinks but the ones that Google considers to be locally authoritative. Make sure you maintain a track of the local ranking performance. The least change in location influences the type of results that the user can get. Use keyword research tools like Rank Tracker to look up the rankings for keywords.

The machines are here to stay –

The biggest search engine, Google has been using learning algorithms for several years to improve users experience with search and avoid keyword-stuffing webpages. In the year 2020, this will become much more important than before with the help of Google’s latest algorithm named BERT.

Now, Google uses three mechanisms such as –

neural matching that denotes the meaning of your query, RankBrain for adjusting with the SERPs relying on the collected data about users’ behavior and BERT which is an algorithm used for evaluating the structure of a search to understand the context and how keywords are used.

What we do

Not much can be done with Neural matching or BERT as the former is inner kitchen of Google and the latter requires you to produce quality content. However, RankBrain should be accounted for carefully. The objective is not to rank for whatever keyword you might want but rather, intent matching is needed for developing content successfully. At present, if your website ranks without matching intent, then this will probably cut you off from a huge number of SERPs.

In order to know about the correct search intent, you have to keep your hands on what is ranking as of now. With the help of Rank Tracker software, you can evaluate the results and find out what type of content Google considers most appropriate for the searches that you want to rank for. After knowing the intent behind your search queries for which you want to rank, make sure that you develop quality content that will match with users’ intent in their search.

Brand building should be the top priority –

One obvious trend for the marketers is that organic social is almost dead. Though paid advertising works well for social, more companies are already doing it that forms a real trend where ROI for paid advertisements will decrease.

It is quite obvious that paid ads will be more relevant and costly for everyone who would like to build that profitable business. Hence, brand building as well as brand awareness has come to the forefront of the efforts of digital marketers. Alternatively, linkless mentions are becoming more important with Google and Bing already confirming them to be used in the form of ranking signals.

What we do

Firstly, you need to build relevant mentions and by following SEO trends 2020, you will have to pay more attention to building quality link profiles for managing and handling linkless brand mentions. With social media listening, you can analyse every mention of your brand and the kind of product/service you provide. This will enable you to engage directly with the clients and provide a suitable chance for building brand awareness with good customer care.

You can inform more people who are really interested in your products about any promotions or campaigns that you might conduct. Also, you will be able to know about your top competitors and begin a new campaign. By using social listening tools, marketers can build brand awareness through direct interaction with their customer base.

Consultants working in DubSEO agency have said, every time marketers believe SEO is going down, the rules begin to change and this is how local SEO gets changed. Today, Google My Business is extremely important for the local businesses. It is even more important than having an actual website. You need to adjust your work with the new challenges faced in order to provide the best possible results for your clients.

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