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SEO Tips for Dental Practices

4 SEO Tips for Dental Practices

Posted on: Sep 10, 2018 5 min read

When you first get into Search Engine Optimisation, you might not necessarily find a relationship between dentistry and SEO, however, dental SEO is incredibly important for your business success and finding of new patients from the local area, especially in 2018 when cosmetic dentistry is on the rise.
People more than ever, use Google to find what they need. This ranges from teeth whitening treatments to gardening tutorials and nursing homes. People search for anything and everything, therefore it is important for your business to be online and SEO optimised so that your patients can find you.

In this article, our experts will give you 4 dental practice SEO tips that you must utilise.

1) Claim your local search listings:

You know when you search for a particular company on Google and their information like website, contact information, website and reviews pop up on the side? You need to do that for your business as soon as possible on Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Places. It is fundamental not just to make your customers find you easier, but it also greatly benefits your overall SEO. You can also upload images to make customers recognise your place which will make you much more authentic than just a line of text and a link to click.

2) Work on your Yelp and manage your reputation:

Yelp is the TripAdvisor of local businesses. It is truly a fantastic place that your business needs to shine on because customers, more than ever, read reviews before they make a buying decision.

Claiming your business on Yelp will make your business a lot more authentic and trustworthy in front of people that haven’t yet discovered you. Being on a lot of places where people can leave reviews is a dangerous game to play, however, if you give it your all and put the customers first, you give them the opportunity to express their positive opinion which will ultimately benefit you a lot in the long run.

3) Create YouTube videos:

YouTube is currently the world’s seconds biggest search engine after Google. If you have the resources to create content for YouTube, then that is a fantastic opportunity for your business because people that have certain dental concerns look everywhere for solutions. Video is also amongst the most practical forms of communication.

Video form of communication also has less competition which will put your dental practice much higher on the ladder than your current competitors.

4) Use local keywords to optimize your website:

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keyword optimise your website. It will not only help you get traffic, but the quality of traffic will be truly remarkable as everyone that clicks on your website is an interested customer looking for a particular product or service. If you have already done your keyword optimisation, it is time for you to go up a level with PPC advertising. Pay-Per-Click is an still a very relevant and relatively cheap marketing method to gain more momentum when it comes to getting targeted traffic.

If these things sound interesting to you and you have not done them, them please make sure that you put them into practice as soon as physically possible because you are leaving money on the table.

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