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 Important Reasons You Should Make Your Website HTTPS

5 Important Reasons You Should Make Your Website HTTPS

Posted on: Aug 13, 2019 6 min read

When it is about your website, security plays a very important factor in its overall success. Did you know that almost  85 percent of consumers would not make a purchase in case their data is put at risk due to unsecured connection? Additionally, 82 percent of online users will not browse unsecured websites according to recent research.According to the professionals of London based highly demanding IT support company, you can protect yourself as well as your consumers by making your website HTTPS. This blog will discuss HTTPS and what it actually means for small business.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is a suitable way for encrypting information you send between a web server and a browser. This will protect your site’s users from “man-in-the-middle” attacks when someone steals information like logins or credit card information.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate consists of a set of data files you add to your server in order to establish encrypted connection between a browser and your server. After it is installed, a green padlock will display when users visit your website to indicate that it is a secured site.

Know the basics between HTTP versus HTTPS

Whether you are creating your website or are the user of a site, having good experience online is important and that must include having good encryption so that your information remains safe.For this, it is important to know the differences between the two options:

HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) is the system for receiving and transmitting information on the Internet. Since HTTP is said to be an “application layer protocol,” it focuses on how the information has been presented to users.

When HTTP is beneficial

HTTP is commonly used for accessing html pages and you need to consider other resources too that may be used by accessing http. This way, most websites who did not house confidential information like credit card information would setup their websites.

HTTPS or Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTPS, or “secure http” had been developed to permit authorization and secured transactions. Confidential information should be exchanged in a secured way to avoid unauthorized access and https can make it happen. In several ways, https is quite similar to http as it follows basic protocols.

HTTPS and Google’s Opinion

Google prefers certified and trust-worthy websites as users may be guaranteed that the website encrypts their information as an additional level of security. According to SEO consultants of DubSEO, you should know that getting a certificate is likely to better your SEO ranking on search engines.

What are the SEO concerns in switching to HTTPS

Google has provided these tips for the best practices when changing to HTTPS

  • Decide the type of certificate that you require such as – single, wildcard certificate or multi-domain.
  • Using 2048-bit key certificates.
  • Choose protocol relative URLs in case of all other domains.
  • Do not block your  website from crawling with robots.txt
  • Enable indexing of your web pages through search engines.
  • Google has updated Google Webmaster Tools to deal with sites in a better way and the reporting on them.
  • Maintain a track of  to  migration carefully in your analytics software and within the Google Webmaster Tools.

Apart from Google Support resources, it is suggested to know about HTTP/HTTPS and some effective tips on changing over to SSL/HTTPS before getting started.

Read on to know 5 reasons for making your site HTTPS.

  1. Increase in Google rankings – More than 40% of websites on the first page of Google are HTTPS. The biggest search engine, Google wants to provide the best user experience to customers so that searchers do not visit insecure websites. Due to this reason, their ranking algorithm supports HTTPS websites over http. If you do not have a secured site, it might be getting outranked by similar kind of websites that are secured with https.
  2. Improved security – Experts working in a SEO agency said thatGoogle supports HTTPS as they want to attain better user experience for their users. Statistics say that a cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds and nearly 43% of cyber attacks usually target small businesses. Google adds some criteria to rankings algorithm for providing better user experience. HTTPS helps to protect users’ information and your confidential information from the attack of hackers.
  3. Updated browser labels – Google is now updating their labeling for HTTP websites in Chrome’s URL bar. At present, HTTP sites have been marked with gray information symbol that informs the user that the website isn’t secure when they click on it. Google is updating to add a “Not Secure” label displayed in plain sight rather than after the user clicks on the information symbol.
    Google marks http sites with a red triangle that has “Not Secure” label written in red. Though this new label means your website is not HTPPS, users do not know fully and many users will feel some uneasiness from viewing the label on a website they are browsing.
  4. Increased rate of conversions – Though users might not have technical understanding of secured connections, they understand that they want a HTTPS websitethat provides security for their personal information.There is a difference in the rate of conversions between HTTP and HTTPS websites.  After Google has been rolling out in their HTTP labeling, there is a big difference in the conversion rates between the two.
  5. Increased confidence of customers – More number of users are now particularly looking for secured connections at the time of visiting a website. A secure connection ensuresthe customers complete peace of mind that your website can be trusted and the information stored is safe.

Are you ready to switch your website to HTTPS?  You may contact Totality – an IT support company in London where our professionals can manage the entire procedure for you. Thus, HTTPS being a secured system, your website users will appreciate your efforts of switching from HTTP to HTTPS as their information will be safely stored.


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