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Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level.

8 Ways to Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

Posted on: Aug 13, 2018 7 min read

There is nothing worse than representing your business through an outdated, unappealing, and hard to navigate website. The first impression is most important, therefore if someone new clicks on your website(over 65% of your customers already have been on your website) and they do not have a good experience, they would automatically assume that your business isn’t any good either which will make them go elsewhere.

Don’t panic! Our designer & sales team have come together to bring you an article that will give you some guidance as to what you need to be successful.

Make your website appealing:

Firstly, having an aesthetically appealing website is vital when it comes to keeping your consumers from bouncing.

Remember the article we did a few weeks ago on brand simplicity? If you haven’t, we highly recommend that you go and read it. (HERE)

1. Website Simplicity:

There is nothing better than having a simple and easy to navigate website. Remember that you no longer have 18-35-year-olds online that are techy and can easily navigate through everything. Even Johnny, that is 85 and loves your business could be on your website, therefore it is important that you think like your potential customers.

2. Fewer Images:

Remember that we no longer live in 2010 where Desktop dominated the online field and gave internet users a lot of space for images, information and even your fancy newsletter. That no longer is the case as over 70% of consumers are now visiting your website through mobile, that doesn’t have the screen of a desktop computer; therefore no one wants to scroll through 15 minutes’ worth of images before getting to their desired place on your website.

3. Readable Fonts:

Back to simplicity. Don’t use fancy fonts for your website, unless your brand is known for it or if you are trying to tell a story. It is unnecessary and depending on your industry, it can appeal unprofessional and hard to read to some readers. Good old Ariel will do the job.

4. Consistent Colours:

This would be particularly important if your brand has been using a certain colour to represent it and you are known for it. Just like Apple, if they change the colour of their logo, their price would drop immensely.

Another benefit of being consistent with your colours is that it keeps the website’s aesthetical looks and makes it more professional.

Make it Personal:

One of the best ways to build a strong connection with your customers and strengthen their loyalty to your brand is by making everything personal and as transparent as possible, unlike the current style of corporate business where everything is strictly kept behind walls and customers only see the final product.

1) An “About” Page:

One of the best ways to engage with your customers is by telling them your story, what your business goals are, why you exist and why they should buy your product or service. You need that emotional connection which at the end of the day, makes people spend money on a certain brand over another.

2) A “Meet the Team” Page:

Give your fans some information about you and the team behind the business. It’s always great for them to know who is doing what in the company; they would highly appreciate it, despite it not giving them any actual value. Remember transparency? It’s really important.

3) Videos Showcasing Your Product or Service:

Ever ordered something online and it doesn’t quite look like the image on that website? Yeah, you probably have. Having a video on the other hand, in a real environment will showcase the consumer the actual product and what it looks like. The benefits of a video showcasing your product or service are that people can make a buying decision on it instead of wondering over an image & it will reduce the product returns because your buyers already know what they are buying before pressing the button.

4) Social Sharing Buttons:

There are companies online that are worth tens of millions of pounds that are purely online, on Instagram. That by itself is scary to think about. There is no better form of communication and customer engagement than social media. Instagram in particular if you are selling a product or a service that can be shown in an aesthetical way. Some huge brands that are online based are Gymshark, Prettylittlething, MVMT and hundreds of others with turnovers in the millions per month.

If your business needs help with a complete website re-design that converts or assistance with social media management that will strengthen the relationship with your customers, then please visit our website for more: - DubSEO

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