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Responsibilities of SEO Consultants

45 Job Responsibilities of SEO Consultants

Posted on: Nov 12, 2017

The job of an SEO consultant is very popular and promising at present. Young, tech-savvy professionals are anxiously looking for such openings in the industry. So what role do they play in a business exactly? We’ll discuss 48 role and responsibility of these professionals in the following paragraphs.

As a broad synopsis, you won’t be wrong to say these experts analyse and review websites and their in-bound links. This effort enables them to provide guidance and advice to client businesses to get more natural search traffic and better ranking position on SERP. However, the professionals working at any competent SEO agency have to shoulder a lot responsibilities than what mentioned above.

It is also relevant to mention here that SEO experts have to keep themselves thoroughly updated and upgraded with the latest trends and approaches in the industry. Thus, experienced SEO professionals in London suggest youngsters to work on their analytical, strategic and tactical skills to facilitate thinking at higher levels.

Job responsibilities of the professionals at any dependable SEO company can be summed up as following:

  1. Understanding a client’s marketing objectives: Correctly understanding the goals and objectives of a client proves helpful in the long run.
  2. Optimisation of the webpages: To perform on-page SEO, which includes working with the H-tags, texts, structure, formatting, images integrating key search phrases, LSI keywords and many more.
  3. Extensive keyword research and analysis: Discovering potential keywords, selecting the keyword targeting strategy for head keyword verticals, identify the new potential keywords that have low competition.

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  1. Keyword mapping: They need to map keywords to particular webpages and to find out ways to prevent keyword cannibalisation.
  2. Improve SERP ranking: They help clients attain better rankings on Google Search Engine Result Pages.
  3. Delivering better user experience: They need to implement optimisation strategies on client websites to improve UX (user experience). This helps scale down page abandonment, boost page view, increase CTR (click through rates) and much more.
  4. Diagnosing and resolving technical issues related to SEO: They perform tasks like pagination, canonicalisation, fixing 404 errors, 301/302 redirects, broken links, crawl errors, incorrect site maps, duplicate content, poor URL structure, high page-loading time, missing Alt attributes and much more.
  5. Local SEO: They also perform online marketing campaign for local SEO. This includes completely filled and verified Google My Business profile, Google Maps listing, consistent NAP (number, address, phone) profile.
  6. In-depth website auditing: This helps resolving various website visibility issues. The task includes aspects like testing efficiency of HTML code, focusing on Moz Domain Authority Factors, traffic statistics and others.
  7. The professionals also need to complete an online competitive analysis: They have to go through competitors’ websites to figure out the strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Keep track of the latest trends in the industry: SEO is a volatile sector. Established trends and approaches keep changing here almost in no time. Thus, they need to keep track of the latest Google algorithm updates.
  9. Improving website structure to make those more SEO-friendly: They modify websites to make those more friendly for both users and search engines.
  10. Skills for copywriting: They’ve to write punch-packed headlines, paragraph sub-headings, metatags, meta descriptions and much more.
  11. Ideating new content strategies: They have to rack their brains on new content writing strategies. 
  12. Improving the existing web content: They require to proof-read and edit content to increase its readability.
  13. Insert CTAs: The professionals also need to insert call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the content body to boost conversion.
  14. Provide SEO recommendations: They make recommendations to create better and more effective webpages. SEO consultants in London also need to tailor strategies for digital marketing campaign and evaluate its progress.
  15. Continuous process improvement: SEO consultants need to make use of data metrics to facilitate traffic boost. This effort also improves content engagement.
  16. Understand fully the content management system (CMS): The professionals get to master the full operational feature of the popular content management systems, like WordPress.
  17.  Web design and development: They gradually develop a clear understanding of of web design and development, along with the basic HTML coding skill and much more.
  18. eCommerce  systems: SEO experts need to master the key aspects of eCommerce websites, online payment processing services, photo galleries, storefront solutions, shopping carts and others.
  19. Applying the latest SEO techniques: They are known to apply sophisticated procedures to maximise website visibility across the major search engines. They use featured snippets, rich answer, Google Quick Answer box and other effective tools.
  20. Apply the SEO tools effectively: SEO experts make use of the available SEO tools to correctly interpret data and explain the significance. 
  21. Optimising the internal linking structure: In this context, the professionals use Marketing Funnels like Breadcrumb navigation to improve website usability.
  22. Offsite SEO: Their hardwork enable websites to earn legitimate or naturally relevant links to the key landing pages. 
  23. Completeness and functionality of websites: They make healthy recommendations for effective global navigation, menu and navigation style, imagery, footer area, site layout and such other factors.
  24. Expert troubleshooters: They instinctively identify potential problems that can have negative impact on search engine ranking of a website.
  25. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): They identify the KPI indicators by analysing audience share, profits and ROI, traffic cources and other necessary aspects.
  26. Set up naming conventions: They decide naming conventions and taxonomies for URL structure.
  27. Creating URL map: They prepare the URL map, which is the road map to portray Information Architecture.
  28. Facilitating mobile search: They use responsive web design to make sure your website makes the most out of mobile search results. They also optimise the content so that, your site ranks high in voice searches as well as in Google Mobile-First index.
  29. Generate SEO reports at regular intervals: The experts generate comprehensive reports on every ongoing project and forward the same to respective clients.
  30. Optimising Tier 1 social media accounts: It is part of the SEO job profile to optimise the Tier 1 social media accounts, which includes Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest ancd Twitter.
  31. Content distribution: They help clients broadcasting and promoting content across the online marketing portals.
  32. Branding consultancy: They provide branding consultation for your business that help you to build brand awareness and brand credibility.
  33. Quality control: Quality control for digital marketing experts involves confirmation that intended tasks are successfully completed.
  34. Website security: They even provide a basic level of security to the websites and monitor communications from Google Search Console on malware and spam notifications.
  35. Domain and web hosting: They’ll review your domain renewal, domain register and web hosting status.
  36. Advertising with paid searches: They can conduct paid search advertising, pay per click and Adwords campaigns for clients successfully.
  37. Assuring clients on their ROI: DubSEO company SEO experts work hard to ensure higher ROI for their clients.
  38. Live demonstrations on online marketing: Efficient SEO experts are also known to provide live demonstrations on online marketing.
  39. Deciding on old, existing website or build a new one: At times, these professionals prove helpful for business owners in deciding whether to revamp an existing website or to scrap and replace it with a new one.
  40. Monitoring SEO budget for clients: They are also known to monitor the SEO budget and track expenses on behalf of their clients.
  41. Setting practical and realistic SEO professionals, who have in-dept experience in the field, help businesses set realistic goals and expectations.
  42. Communicating with clients: These experts also act as the communication channel while interacting with clients.
  43. Domain ownership: They also provide extensive consultation on how to make best utilisation of client-owned domains.
  44. Strategic planning: SEO consultants always need to plan ahead and to achieve this, they’ve to step in logical order.
  45. Offering no guarantee is also a part of their job profile: Google updates effects the ranking any website from time to time. It is not in the job profile of SEO consultants to guarantee on keyword rankings.

However, in this practical scenario, these professionals have to shoulder many other responsibilities too for driving their client businesses to the maximum height of success.

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