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Content Marketing Trends of 2017

DubSEO Guide to the Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Posted on: Dec 27, 2016

Real marketing strategy for content

Research shows that organisations that do have content marketing strategy and those who review it regularly will be more successful. Even though you might think this is a no brainer, but it is not. We can focus too much on products and campaigns, instead of truly driving the value in what we offer.

Native advertising

Five years ago, businesses were spending around 80% on creating content and 20% on promoting that content. This ratio has altered somewhat with successful businesses creating content and putting some of their advertising and promotion budget behind it. Make your strategy for online marketing in 2017 count.

Influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing has always been there but over the past six months this topic is now up there in the top five. It seems that everyone has a form of influencer and content strategy, but only a few organisations seem to be able to execute a real strategy.

Marketing that is Purpose-driven 

Why are you creating content for your site? Is it having a genuine impact on your clients and your prospects? Make sure it does and you will get up there in the ratings.  Quality content is the answer.

Visual and video 

It is no secret how important making use of visual storytelling and video strategy can be a game changer. Most brands, however, are still looking to viral video rather than building process and organisation around the on-going delivery of information of value through video.


A lot of people don’t get Snapchat, but enough other smart people have said it’s here to stay. Snapchat has now passed Facebook in the number of video views so we need to take notice of it in the  World of Content Marketing.


Most of us have ‘rented accommodation’  from FB but now we have nothing to show for it. There is a better way particularly when for promoting your content assets through this mighty social media giant, leveraging Facebook as a way to drive your content and your lead generation. 

Workflow and Teams Efforts 

So many examples of well-meaning content marketing programs have perished because they did not have the proper workflow and hired the wrong people to make real winning content.

Content strategy 

Content strategy and intelligent content are core areas. Great content is one thing, but with no strategy built in that makes sense for the user or leverages technology correctly, all efforts will be doomed.

So there they are lots to think about and the digital marketing trends in 2017.  Happy SEO New Year!

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