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Powerful Marketing Ideas for your Legal Firm

Five Powerful Marketing Ideas for your Legal Firm

Posted on: Mar 06, 2019 7 min

Whatever the size of your legal firm, marketing is always going to be key to how you promote what you have to offer and get you ahead of the crowd.  Marketing your services and the expertise you have is what will drive your business forward.   You may have had many meetings trying to brainstorm the best ways in which you can promote your legal services.  Well now DubSEO are here to help with your legal firm marketing strategy 2019.

Best Practice in SEO

The start of any marketing campaign will need to take into account the audience that it is trying to reach.  Forlegal firm marketing we need to think about what any potential clients will want help with.  Once we have discussed with you the core business that you do, we can go ahead and devise the right marketing plan for you.  From this we can arrive at the right SEO (search engine optimization) terms that will drive traffic to your site.  This means that when people type in let’s say - House buying legal help in London, yours will be the legal firm that comes up first. SEO marketing strategy for lawyers is very much our area of expertise.  Making sure that your name appears first in online searches is essential.  

Why Content Marketing is Vital

On average the right content marketing for legal firms will bring in around 54% more visitors on your website and will generate almost 70% more leads for you.  With the right content you will be seen as a credible and trusted legal firm and that is always going to be essential when you want to attract new clients.  It can make the difference between a contact and someone who goes off to search elsewhere.  At DubSEO we believe that you need to be clear and simple and informative. We can help you with that.  Content these days is a lot more important than it was and to perform well on line you need to be seen to have that quality content.


Blogging is a great way for you to updating your clients with anything that you think might be of interest to them.  That might be an office charity run or comment on a local case reported in the press.  It is important to have this link between you and those who visit your site regularly to keep them interested and loyal.  Good content is also important as a draw for new clients too. The right blog keeps you in touch with your clients, and can also encourage other potential clients to get in touch.

PPC Advertising – Raising your Profile

PPC is a great way to give your firm a boost when you are looking to be top of the SERPs.  Pay per click (PPC) has proved itself as being one of the best marketing ideas that will help to boost visibility for your firm.  At DubSEO we have found that Google Ads is the best platform for lawyers and solicitors since when someone is looking for legal help, the circumstances requiring the help will already have occurred.  Creating ads that target the kind of scenarios that potential clients are likely to look for will ensure high ranking in search results and more business for you.

Social Media can be your friend.

Social media comes in for a lot of criticism but knowing which platform to promote your legal services on can make all the difference.  If you deal primarily with divorce then a Facebook page can be a good choice and give your prospective clients the chance to see what you do before they get in touch. At DubSEO we have the experience to guide you to where you need to be, whatever social media platform that might be and we will aim to make social media your friend and get those clients through your doors.

DubSEO have a long and proud history of working with clients to help them make the most of their digital marketing efforts.  Let us, the law firm SEO expert,  show you what we can do for you. 

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