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Tools To Check Website Responsiveness

Four Tools To Website Responsiveness - 4 Exclusive Online Tools

Posted on: Nov 18, 2014

The creation of responsive websites online is vital. Responsive websites can be easily and conveniently accessed from smart phones, androids and tablets. Online research has shown that sites that can be accessed from the largest number of device gain the highest traffic & search engine rankings.

Any SEO consultancy, will tell you that. Responsive sites can easily be adjusted to any screen size and give increased accessibility to online readers. And the price will not break the bank.

You can use different tools for checking site responsiveness and to make the site more mobile-friendly in nature. The sites must open on multiple platforms and responsiveness is key.

4 Essential Free Tools for Testing the Site Design Responsiveness

  • Responsinator:One of the most useful tools used for determining site responsiveness. Use this for checking devices like iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 and android. When both portrait and landscape modes are available, site responsiveness will increase. Responsiveness of site sections like page, single post, contact page and others can also be monitored.
  • Am I Responsive:Site responsiveness can be checked with the help of this simple online tool and the result can be viewed immediately. Enter the URL link and the result will be automatically displayed. This is an improved checking tool with clear reports.
  • Responsive Design Checker: Neat interface can be easily checked with this free tool. Portrait and landscape mode with multiple screens can be tested. In most of the cases, this is the kind of tool being used by professional web developers.
  • : If you have the latest version of iPhone, then this tool is the best option for checking site responsiveness. The preview screen can be effectively stretched and is considered one of the best features of this particular tool.Different screen sizes can be easily tested by the same along with measurement of the screen width. Both landscape and portrait mode can be supported with this tool.

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