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You Should Know about the Future of Email Marketing in 2019

Everything You Should Know about the Future of Email Marketing in 2019

Posted on: Jan 23, 2019 7 min read

Email marketing is about 20 years old and still has an important place in your marketing strategy. This channel for communication is becoming very important as the reports have revealed that every $1 spent on email marketing, you make $44 in return, which shows that it still is a highly profitable marketing tool.

However, email marketing is developing constantly and you cannot expect to get new subscribers with the obsolete content creation strategies. You will have to know how you can combine digital and traditional techniques to draw the attention of your target audience.

So, what makes email important for business communication? What is going to be the future of email marketing? Keep reading further and you will find out the most important trends that will dominate for years ahead.

Benefits of email marketing

  • Cost factor: Email marketing is now delivering an unbelievable ROI due to the wide range of marketing platforms available on the web.
  • Quick accessibility: Email is a legal way of communication in the professional field and almost everyone uses it worldwide.
  • Easy to use: Email has become very popular due to its simple technology and thus, has spread throughout the world.
  • Brand awareness: You may use this marketing platform to improve the awareness of your brand and build a good base of followers.
  • Analytics: It is very easy to know if your email marketing is working or not, making it even easier for you to decide on different strategies.

Email marketing trends for 2019 and beyond

You need to use data analytics and contact each subscriber with diligence so that your messages resound with earlier interactions the person had with the company. Since classic segmentation separates users into particular groups, the new model will treat each receiver individually.

  1. Select a simple design – The main challenge that marketers struggle with is the changes in design since they will need to switch from messages and newsletters to textual content. According to content creators, too much images in the emails are a burden since most users do not open them. Under these circumstances, most marketers go back to old textual content where drafting the emails was significantly easier than the digital forms today.
  2. Higher segmentation – Professionals working in a reputed SEO agency in London have said, segmentation has a great impact on the success rate of email marketing campaigns. It is just not possible to misinterpret this marketing strategy. This year, segmentation is going to take another leap ahead and become more personalised. This will enable users with customised content to win by having a competitive edge over their competition.
  3. Storytelling – This is another approach that can get you positive feedback through email marketing. If you need to concentrate on the textual content only, then you may write convincing stories that will encourage your followers. The objective is to develop quality content with the potentiality to engage your audience and ultimately convince them to take the desired action. This opportunity helps in building a strong relationship with the subscribers thus, proving your business is authentic.
  4. Mobile optimisation – According to professionals who offer SEO services in London, most of the email work is done by using mobile devices, meaning that it is quite natural to have more emphasis on mobile optimisation this year. It is becoming more important since the trend for mobile usage is booming. In order to keep it simple, you will need to:
    • Work easily on the images and videos.
    • Make use of responsive email templates.
    • Divide the text into small paragraphs and units.
    • Pay full attention to CTA buttons and make them large.
  5. Use predictive analytics – With Artificial Intelligence and data science, it is now easy to use predictive analytics and somewhat forecast the future trends with our existing databases. Since you need to manage historical data, you may use large volume of information to determine the future needs of your target audience.This way, you can help subscribers find the right content before they begin searching for it. Of course, this is the right strategy to win over your competitors.
  6. Ensure protection of data – The final advice in this regard is to ensure quality data protection as it is the only way to keep clients happy and maintain good professional reputation. Allow your users to unsubscribe even though this is not sufficient and, so have to convince them that you are using advanced data protection models. Thus, we suggest you to keep subscribers informed about security news and make them comfortable while they make use of your services.

Email is considered to be the oldest form of digital marketing, but it is definitely not something that you should put aside. In contrast to this, it possesses the potentiality to either create or break your business and so, you should stay prepared for the upcoming trends in this relevant field.According to DubSEO experts, you need to follow and use these email marketing features to take your business to the next level and build your e-mail subscribers list.

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