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How Digital Marketers Influence Schemas for Voice Search

How Digital Marketers Influence Schemas for Voice Search and SEO

Posted on: Nov 12, 2019 7 min read

SEO marketers have the skills and knowledge to make brands more recognisable to users and reputed businesses over time. Ideally, after some time, the brand development campaign online should begin to attract new customers. The question is, how exactly can a brand compete for a good rank on a search engine with all this competition in today’s world? In 2019, brands are no longer only fighting with their competition; as an addition, they have to take into consideration the different SERP features that users have started to utilise.
So, how will you make your brand more easily recognisable to the users? Let’s talk about the “Share of SERP” strategy.

What is Share of SERP?

Share of SERP is the practice of occupying various positionson Google for your most valuable queries. When you consider Google Ads search term report, you will come across each term that is driving results to your business.

In share of SERP, the main objective is to gather more market share with the help of search engine results page for relevant terms that you already have. It is much more effective to “supply the demand” than generate it. This is said to be a new phenomenon for search marketing.

Professionals working in a SEO agency in UK said that the main idea is when you see success from SEO, you should scale by going after more relevant keywords. While this is important, you should first try and acquire as much market share as possible by doubling down on keywords that are already working for your business.

How to become recognizable through SERP share

Step 1: Evaluate SERP

Is your website providing the best answer for a search query?

Step 2: Analyze the competitive landscape

Know your competition. See what is working for them and replicate or improve the model.

Step 3: Launch and finally test

Are the paid lists outperforming organic or paid searches?

Step 4: Measure Return of Investment

When considering your cost per sales qualified opportunity, will it be sensible enough to re-allocate budget?

8 Smart Strategies to Improve Your Discoverability

  1. Evaluate the competitive landscape – Have you listed your website on paid business listing sites? How will you know if your targeted customer shops over there? It is essential to build customised landing pages and then split test everything. You have to control landing pages so that you do not lose on opportunities that can affect your business performance. Each of these campaigns needs to have a custom landing page that you are split testing.
  2. Frictionless call to action or CTA – Your Call to Action are seamless on the customised landing pages. The common calls to action are “Request a Demo” and “Schedule a Demo” in the software industry. But the truth is that nobody likes demos and so, rather than CTAs, get in touch with a video agency that can create a demo video to use on the gated landing pages. You have to reduce the psychological friction between the customer and your website if you really want your business to work.
  3. Test without using brand name – According to experts of UK based SEO agency, if your “brand” is already in the URL, try and not spam around your brand in title tags and Meta descriptions. Both title tags and meta descriptions should not be mainly focused on the brand itself. If you can bring more value in the content, users will get more information on the web page and thus, your CTR will increase.
  4. Decrease click-through-rates – You want to get more opportunities and at the same time, reduce the costs. When creating your own product copy, the branded product names will absolutely mean nothing for new users. Try to focus more on the clarity and value offered.
  5. Double down on top performing lists – When you are aware that a directory is working, be sure to spend more on what is already working and scale.You can analysethe most appropriate keywords and select the ones to build Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) with the help of SEMrush. If you are running a small business, make sure you divide your products and take more from the market share.
  6. Targeted Placements through GDN – It is important to create customised display advertisements for targeted placements on the ranking of sites in the top 5 list. Search for all of the websites with GDN in the top 5. You may build GIF ads and place them in the form of sidebar ads and banner ads for web pages that rank for your targeted keywords.
  7. Try experimenting with advertisement networks – There are several advertisement networks where your targeted keyword may rank. For example, Quorais a good choice when you know how it works. Answer questions on Quora in a strategic way and include your brand as an important part of an ongoing conversation that is happening at present. Add to SEMrushor filter any keywords that might be relevant with your search report. Only answer questions that are getting active views which will help you to drive more results to your business.
  8. Use wildcard to expand – According to DubSEO experts, if your website is ranking well, then you should add more content to it. Search for the primary keywords and advertisements to pass them into Answer the Public and finally export it into CSV.Re-upload CSV to Moz Keyword Explorer and try to prioritise content calendar for the topical content depending on brand fit and volume difficulty.

Thus, you are using the right concept strategically by taking into consideration your data.

Prioritisation in marketing is one of the most important things you should do at the right time and of course, before anything else.

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