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Online Marketing Strategies for the Law Firms

5 Online Marketing Strategies for the Law Firms

Posted on: Apr 24, 2019 6 min read

Law firms can bring traffic to their websites, get more phone calls and generate ongoing referrals and repeated business. Trust is the most important factor for the success of online marketing campaigns. Hence, you should prepare the marketing plan in a way that builds reputed brand and website, which is then followed by ongoing strategies that turn site visitors into future customers. This blog will discuss five marketing strategies that can help law firms to get new clients.

Optimise your website

A website is said to be the only way that helps in the conversion of visitors into customers. It is much more than a homepage, about us page and contact us page. When designing your website layout, the first thing to ask yourself is: What are my targeted customers searching for in a law firm? In other words, what would make you select your website as a legal resource? All websites need to have messaging, proper branding and quick load up speed. Your website should also be easy to navigate despite of the device that is being used.

  • Make your site mobile-friendly – Customers use all kinds of devices when they search for some important information while they are travelling. Make sure your content can be read easily and that your contact phone number is visible everywhere. By adding a CTA on service pages and blog posts, you can encourage site visitors to get in touch with you.
  • Know your areas of expertise – With competitive analysis, you can develop an informative resource and answer all queries from your clients. At the same time, you may share information on the relevant topics that are associated with your practice areas.
  • Offer greater value for business – If people bounce away from the same webpage they have entered your website from, then there are higher chances of search engines to lower the relevancy score for the advertising campaigns or keywords. You will have to attract visitors to your website and encourage them to click more into the website as they arrive.

Develop content marketing strategy

Apart from downloadable content and videos, setting up a content marketing strategy can help to build good online reputation and get better SEO. You can do this by building quality backlinks and writing content that points to other web pages on your site such as blogs and press releases. Another way to add value to your targeted audience is to contribute content for other websites. This can help drive traffic to your website while providing helpful information that can build trust with probable clients.

Leverage the importance of social media

LinkedIn had been ranked on top having almost 84% respondents that they use social media platforms. However, Facebook was the social platform that brings most businesses which is around 31% in comparison to LinkedIn which is 27%. Whether you want to start a new business or gain the authority as a lawyer, both Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important channels that every law firm needs to have a complete presence on.

Different types of content to be shared on social media are:

  • Positive reviews and industry accolades – Reviews are a great way for potential customers to decide whether or not they have faith in you in dealing with their legal issues. Both Google and Facebook are the top review sources that people go to if they want to know more about the business.
  • Share content with relevant information – You need to share your blog posts and other credible sources to support your commitment to the law.
  • Reveal your firm’s commitment to local community – Social media is a great place for sharing volunteer experiences and illustrating your dedication to the community.
  • Answer legal questions to practice areas – Frequently Asked Questions can be of great help for blog posts and social media posts.
  • Data to process strategies for better results – Measurements are considered to be the key for success with law firm marketing strategies. In this regard, digital marketing analytics enable you to understand traffic sources, bounce rates and click-through rates in a better way. Analytics may go much deeper to help with site navigation refinement. Analytics provide invaluable data related to paid search and organic campaigns. It also denotes the topics, site layouts or advertisements for drawing the best possible result. Measurement is a great way to refine great marketing strategies, winning approaches and stop the failing ones thus, increasing the marketing budget.

Work constantly on your site

Online marketing keeps changing all the time, therefore, it is important for you to make sure that your website is up to date.. With newer competition, ongoing efforts in the law firm marketing are important for building on marketing tactics and getting the most desired results.

These are some effective law firm marketing tips to improve your online business and increase your client base.

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