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Psychology and Behavior of Consumer in Local Search

Understanding the Psychology and Behavior of Consumer in Local Search

Posted on: Sep 13, 2017

Are you aware that it is extremely important to know about the local search behavior of your consumers? Well, this is when your businesses move ahead with the help of pay per click ads in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo,, AOL, Excite, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, etc. Research shows that customers are more interested to search for local information online with other details available on the Internet.

Most people want to know how to perform local searches in order to get the most relevant data before visiting the online store. This is why the biggest search engine, Google has introduced the latest feature known as ‘Crowd Control’ that helps to know how much crowded any online store is in real time. It is another feature that has been linked together with Google Maps for the convenience of customers. This feature allows consumers to track easily how busy an online store is, at present and can make the visit according to that.

How you can grab attention of Consumers to Your Online Business

Google is trying its best to assess and understand local search behavior of consumers and has also taken a positive step for it. Experts will provide local SEO tips to improve visibility of your website in search engines. At DubSEO, we will help you understand the behavior and psychology of our consumers when it is about conducting local searches and analyse based on the set of questions discussed below:


How do consumers perform local searches on the Internet?

Statistics shows 9 out of 10 consumers use local searches when they are looking for some kind of information, services or products. Nearly 85% consumers use internet to find local businesses. As such, it is evident that consumers are more addicted to local searches with Internet.

Consumers who perform local searches in search engines use their smartphones more than tablets or computers when doing outdoor work. But when they are at home, they seem to use their computer more than the smart gadgets.

What kind of information consumers look for in local searches?

As you know that consumers prefer doing local searches, it is evident to know what kind of information they usually search for. More than 94% consumers surveyed are done online for local shopping purpose. Consumers use search engines to find local information such as business hours, directions of the local store, address of the store and much more. Being a local business owner, you may contact with our SEO Consultant in London for local conversion rate optimisation tips and boost traffic to your website.

How can consumers get an opinion about the local stores?

Usually, consumers will go through the reviews to get an opinion about a local business. Near about 88% consumers check online reviews before buying local services. If the review is positive, it makes the local business more trustworthy. People read quite a few reviews before creating an opinion about any business.

What do local search prefer and seem to get from location-specific ads?

Advertisers need to know that 72% smartphone users want the ads to be customised according to their city/zip code so that they can visit the nearest store. On the other hand, 60% consumers consider location-specific ads and if information such as store address, contact details, timings and store directions are mentioned, then it is definitely good for the consumers.


How do local searches react after search is conducted?

Every online business or organisation is interested in making higher Rate on Investment (ROI). According to the business viewpoint, the major concern is the result they will get after conducting local searches. Check out some helpful information for them. Almost 50% consumers who perform local searches on smartphones and 34% consumers who use their computers need to visit a store within a day. Amongst the smart phone searches, 18% make online purchase in a day.

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Ultimate conclusion from advertisers when understanding consumer behavior in local searches:

Advertisers need to know about the search patterns of consumers when understanding local search behavior of the consumer. They search for local information from several devices at different time and might be interested in purchasing products and services. Being an advertiser, it is their responsibility to make the products and services available to the consumers.

  • The location of local businesses should be listed in Google Mybusiness.
  • Some information should be easily accessible for consumers such as availability of the products, address and direction to online stores.
  • Advertisers need to use location extensions.
  • They need to change the bids for particular locations with city or zip codes.
  • They use radius bidding for drawing attention of local customers to the store.

As you have tried to know about local search behavior of consumers, it is evident to perform local search engine optimisation for driving more traffic to your site and generate higher revenue. Besides, SEO Company in London will improve the rankings as well as prominence of business in search engines. The above-discussed facts will help you to do the work in a much better way.

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