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DubSEO agency WordPress SEO strategy  for Local Businesses

WordPress SEO Strategy for 2019 and Beyond

Posted on: Mar 18, 2019 9 min read

Google has determined to give its users a better, faster and more secure web facilities. Obviously, they remain to profit multiple times more, yet what difference does it make? WordPress SEO best practices are so imperative.

If you have a WordPress site and still need to rank high on Google, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Having a WordPress site has got its own benefits. With few plugins and best practices, you can boost up the site on the first page of Google.

Let’s get straight into the SEO best practices for WordPress so that you can make the necessary changes and better your website SEO.

WordPress SEO Strategy

1. Keyword Research

The days where keyword stuffing was working are long gone. Today, Google penalise website’s that are practicing this keyword strategy as they are considered a spam. In the meantime, the keyword as a ranking factor isn't entirely dead. Google and other web indexes still depend on keywords to rank sites, which means that your SEO practices ought to be guided by keyword research.

Do you want to rank in Google for the term 'WordPress themes' or 'WordPress plugins'? A tool, for example, Google AdWords Keyword Planner can assist you with determining the competitiveness of your terms. You can likewise use Google Analytics to check the keywords that individuals are using to reach your site. An SEO consultant will always start off with intense keyword research to get the site on the top page of Google.

Always try an alternative key phrase. For example, if your keyword or phrase is ‘WordPress themes’, you can derive alternatives such as ‘responsive WordPress themes’, ‘multi-purpose WordPress themes’, ‘premium WordPress themes’ and so on.

Ubersuggest Keyword Tool

Try Ubersuggest when deciding on which terms should go best with your site plus with SERP. This free tool from one of the world's best SEO specialists is a great assistant in finding related keywords.You will get tons of keyword ideas from this tool.

While doing your research, think about long tail keywords. Extend your keyphrases to a limit of four (4) words, and you will have a higher chance of positioning higher on the Google search results page.

Don’t hesitate to add a couple of these keywords in your content. Better believe it, the truth is, SEO requires some investment – you won't appreciate the outcomes if they just happened overnight. Follow the guidelines (as per Google’s white hat SEO).

2. Concentrate on Content – the King of SEO

Content still remains to be the single most important thing on the internet as it provides the value needed to the user, which is exactly what Google want.. Quality content will always be the king of everything. Whether Google changes its algorithm overnight, that doesn’t matters.

A site without content is, well, not a site. Similarly, a site with low quality content is practically useless because users will see through it and will never come back. A site with stale content is dead both to web crawlers and to the users. It doesn’t work.

We just referenced your content should it be extraordinary, profitable and relevant to the query. Your content should be unique since search engines hate plagiarised content or duplicate content. Beware of that!

Don’t ever duplicate content as it can seriously hurt your SEO as this is considered as spam by Google.

In any case, since our goal is to rank on the top page of Google (and Bing and Yahoo!), how would we make unique content that is not intended to pull in or "trap" the now-more brilliant internet searcher instinct? The straightforward answer is you ought to write for your readers and not for these search bots. See! Your readers are the gems of your content. Your readers can give you the backlinks that you always demanded. If they like your content, they are for sure,going to share them and thus, you will be getting a backlink/ social shares without investing too much in your digital marketing.

One more thing…

Google loves WordPress blogs- blogs which are updated regularly. Make an effort and refresh your static web content. An example would be your “about us” and product pages.

Posting on more than one occasion for each week ought to be sufficient to win a decent place in SERP in around two months. UK SEO agency prefer doing that.

Using the yoast seo plugin will be more befitting.

Include meta titles, keywords and descriptions to your different pages, not simply posts.

3. Image and Video SEO

Videos can accumulate you traffic, connections, mentions and more from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and more.

In order to optimise the image in WordPress, try not to use substantial pictures that will just back off your site. If you need a 650 x 300 featured picture for your next post, transfer one that is 650 x 300 and not even a pixel more.

Besides, ensure your pictures are relevant to your content.

Thirdly, give your image a suitable file names. Google won’t recognise your website with an image containing- IMAGE001_2019.jpg, whereas if your blog post is talking about some pets, try downloading the file name as - PETS.jpg

Talking about search crawlers "seeing" your pictures, you need to add the ALT tag to your pictures to make it easier for the SERP to identify what this image is all about. If you are usingwordpress, ALT tags are clearly described while you are uploading a new image. You just have to give the “ALT tag” area the keyword that the image is about.

4. Use SEO-Ready WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress has become an incredibly prominent platform due to its simplicity and quick setup. As far as WordPress SEO, the themes and plugins you pick ought to be SEO-friendly.

Right off the bat, your decision ought to use perfect and substantial HTML. Search for themes that use the standard URL meta tag.

The theme should likewise bolster the right use of headings (h1, h2, h3… h6) and title labels.

How would you decide every one of these variables? Right click on the demo and choose “View Page Source”. Search for something like this-–

andtags. Find tags e.g. or . An SEO Agency knows the importance of the SEO friendly wordpress themes and plugins.

So far, you are doing great. Lastly, here are some final pointers on achieving the best possible SEO results.

Choose an SEO friendly URL which contains-

  •  ( not well informed )
  •   ( not well informed )
  •  ( this format is a good pracice to inform both google and users )

Mobile Friendly Website

Optimise your website through mobile page optimisation. If you are on wordpress, switch to the AMP version for every post.

Social Media Signals

SERP are using brands and content mentions in order to decide the ranking of a website. The explanation for this approach is very simple: If more individuals like, retweet, pin, stumble and so forth, your content must be of significant importance and thus, SERP will give you priority.

  • Improve Page Load Speeds
  • HTTPS as a Ranking Signal
  • Submit Your Site to Search Engines- To submit your site to Google, you can use the Add URL page or Webmasters Tools.
  • Sitemaps - submit your sitemap by using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Link building-  still the best practice to let Google know that you have a valuable content.

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