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SEO Services for Lawyers

Grow Your Law Firm by Incorporating SEO into Your Website

Posted on: Mar 13, 2017

This New Year has brought many surprises and changes installed for us, beginning with SEO strategies. Even with all the changes, there are many business owners in and around London who are still unaware that websites occupying the top ranks in SERP receive more number of clicks. This rule applies to law firms as well. Therefore, it is important to create an SEO enabled aweb page to boost your firm’s sales and growth. Implementing SEO on your Law firm’s website will not only boost the business but also take you one step ahead of your competitors.  

Truth about SEO agency 

There are law schools to become a lawyer, medical school for doctors and so on but have you ever heard of an SEO school. An SEO expert just needs to create a web page and that’s just it. So how can you tell if they are professionals or just posing as an SEO expert?

Some of the methods used by amateurs:

  • They use outdated techniques
  • Violate the guidelines of search marketing
  • Use the same strategy for all the clients
  • The results are not up-to-the-mark

The fact about SEO is that it is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. There is no guidebook available that gives a sure shot formula to success. Hard work, analysis and innovation are the only way to achieve the desired results.  

Problems associated with SEO for Law Firms

  • You have no time to update your firm’s web page let alone incorporate SEO 
  • The SEO strategy used is not producing any desired results 
  • You are implementing SEO tricks for lawyers, you read online that ultimately failed to produce any results for you
  • You have been penalized by Google and the traffic to your website has completely stopped.   

Tips to improve SEO of your Law Firm

One thing that you need to know about SEO is that the strategies and techniques used in SEO are nor constant. They keep on changing on the basis of updates and changes made in search engines. 

We have listed the method and strategies used by us to incorporate SEO.  

Watch your Law Firm Business Grow through Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation with DubSEO.

First Phase

It is important to have a strong foundation to make a successful SEO campaign. Your website is the foundation of your online presence,it is the place where traffic is directed. Good quality content needs to be present that allows clients to know about your firm and reach you. The first phase of incorporating law firm SEO include:

  • Optimise the images on your web page to improve SEO and loading speed
  • Fix all the problems related to indexing
  • Ensuring that the title and header tags are optimized but not similar
  • Making sure that internal links are correct and relevant
  • Checking the Google Page Speed to know about the opportunity
  • Updating and analyzing the content of your website

These are few of the techniques that we have mentioned there are many more strategies apart from this, which you need not worry about right now. 

Second Phase

The next phase is building the authority of your firm and the website. SEO is just not about stuffing the content with keywords. Here are some tips to build authority on and off the virtual world. 

  • Create and distribute press release
  • Claim and verify directory listings and local citations
  • Set up and manage social site accounts
  • Try to set up web page’s sponsorships
  • Secure high-end directory links 
  • Create infographics of high quality

In addition to this, ensure that you are running on the correct Google+ local. Thisvirtual platform is good for local business, from verifying the listings, to cleaning old citations and optimization to create new citations. 

Innovative maintenance

Some of the methods used are:

  1. Strong structure to make sure that nothing can harm the ranking of your website in near future.
  2. High-quality content to compel and captivate the users and for optimizing SEO.
  3. Blogs to earn links, trust and gain influence.  
  4. Authority development by web page promotion and link building.
  5. Get good rankings for your Facebook, Yelp and YouTube profiles in Google. 
  6. Ensure that your brand is popular and building trust on various social sites. 

Maintenance doesn’t always mean updating blogs and going in the same direction as you have followed up till date. It means to change according to the circumstance and adapt to the new trends and techniques in SEO.

Time to get desired results

The truth is that it might take some time to build a successful SEO enabled website. There is no fixed date and time that we know about. It might take 1 month or sometimes more than 5 months. 


There is a wide range of options for you to choose and the cost will be determined as per the work that is needed to be done. 

SEO Services for lawyers can help in improving not only their firm’s website ranking but also enhance their brand value.

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