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Choose the Right SEO Agency in 2018

Tried and Tested Tips on How to Choose the Right SEO Agency in 2018

Posted on: Oct 29, 2017

In this ongoing digital age, it is of utmost importance for businesses to implement SEO strategies to achieve greater success. As such, the right SEO strategies can make your business, whereas the wrong ones can break it. Although there’re many honest and hard-working agencies in London, but there’re also some shady and unethical elements in this business that can ruin you.

The following paragraphs will try to shade some light on how to choose an SEO agency in 2018 – the right one. Now to get the basics right, here’s a set of things that every client looks for while hiring an SEO agency.

  • Consistent in interaction
  • Comfortable to work with and easy to reach
  • Sound knowledge about the industry
  • Works within the budget and
  • Efficient enough to deliver the real value of a business

As the Managing Director of an SEO firm in London, with years of experiences over the years in the industry, I can tell you where the clients make the fundamental mistake and hire a not so reputable SEO firm to expand their business. It happens somewhat like this:

  • A business decides to invest in SEO to achieve the next step of growth and they seek out negotiating with an agency.
  • The agency caters them with high hopes and expectation, as far as the business’ growth is concerned.
  • The business or its managerial executives take the agency at its words and think the plan is great. So they hire this agency and fall victim to the trap.
  • After months and in some cases years of lacklustre results and excuses the business finds itself drained financially and in a tight spot.
  • In worst case scenarios, it may even end up with Google penalties and thus make their online presence almost irredeemable.

There are ways to choose the right SEO agency, so that your business gets more quality leads and higher conversions, along with increasing its digital footprint across the virtual world of the Internet.

Before hiring an agency, or start negotiation with them, you need to have clarity about certain things well in advance. These include:

  • An estimated budget
  • Your desired duration of the contract
  • To hire a local agency or a remote one
  • Expected results and timeline for said results

Always meet with a number of different SEO agencies before hiring one. Make sure, you talk to at least 4 agencies before getting into bed with one. Ask them questions and see how well they answer. Do some homework before asking them questions so that you aren’t bamboozled by jargon. For example, read up on topic like on-page SEO checklist 2018. There’ll be loads of information readily available on such topics.

Go through some blogs and just try to read them casually. Try to grasp what the blogs are talking about, you’ll get an idea of what you are missing and the right questions to ask your prospective SEO agency and measure the level of their technical knowhow.

For your convenience, a set of questions have been provided below. If you want, you can definitely add to the list or omit a few questions from it.

Instead of starting off with some technical stuff like their link building strategies, I’ll suggest you to ask this very question right at the beginning.

  • Can you assure that my site will be in the top-rank position?

No ethical SEO company will ever say yes to it or provide you a guarantee. So this way, you can easily weed out the shady and corrupt service providers.

Then slowly and steadily, you may move on to your next questions, which include the following:

  • Do you buy links from link farms?
  • How do you work for penalised sites?
  • What are your approaches to link building?
  • What kind of links do you build?
  • What do you do about video production and marketing? Do you’ve a dedicated team to create video content?
  • How many links will you build for me every month?
  • How much on-page and off-page task can I expect from you every month?
  • How do you handle the aspect of content strategy and development?
  • Exactly what kind of content work my site will require?
  • How do you plan to optimise that content?

These are some of the basic questions for you to start with to recognise the right SEO company to hire. Choosing the right agency will definitely help you improve your website structure to have a positive impact on your SEO in 2018. Follow the tips given above and drive your business to greater heights of success.

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